Ponce Tour: Some Must See Places

Ponce Tour: Some Must See Places

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Did you know that the majestic city of Ponce is also referred to as “La Perla Del Sur” which means “The Pearl of the South”? Ponce, also the second largest city of Puerto Rico, is likely to mesmerize you with its Catalonian charm complemented suitably with a laid back atmosphere and small town flair. So, planning a Ponce touris must when on a trip to Puerto Rico.

Considering that a Ponce touris likely to be an elaborate affair, you might require the assistance of a reputed tour provider for effective planning. There are several of them to choose from. However, choices have to be made strictly on the basis of certain well established parameters including reputation, experience, service quality and the likes. Besides, a complete knowledge of the most preferred destinations to be visited would also be of help in choosing a tour operator that covers them all.

Ponce Tours: Top Attractions

Some important attractions to include in your Ponce Tours are:

1. Ponce Art Museum: The art museum at Ponce is surely a top tourist attraction. Completing 53 years in 2012, it is the only museum in Puerto Rico that has been accredited by the American Association of Museums. It displays some of the finest collections of French Academic, Italian Baroque and 19th Century British art. There are over 4000 masterpieces on display here!

2. Hacienda Buena Vista Nature Reserve: This one is a coffee hacienda museum that has been restored perfectly. It provides a unique journey back in time, through the colonial history of the city of Ponce. There are houses, slave quarters, warehouses and coffee depots to explore. A tour of the entire hacienda could take up to 2 hours.

3. Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center: This oldest astronomical observatory was eroded by a storm and later rediscovered in 1975. This could be one of the most fascinating inclusions of your Ponce tour, covering nine courts as well as the largest cemetery and quite a few ceremonial parks. 186 remains of human bodies can also be found in the cemetery! Be sure to visit the Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center.

4. Serralles Castle: If you wish to savor mesmerizing coastal views during your Ponce tour,a trip to the Serralles castle would be a must. It is basically a museum dedicated to the sugar industry which is located within a hill top mansion overlooking the majestic city of Ponce. The structure also includes an auditorium, a restaurant, and is duly adorned with manicured gardens and spectacular waterfalls.

Parque de Bombas Ponce Puerto Rico5. Parque de Bombas: This one is an old fire station that served the city of Ponce in the earlier times. This emblematic structure is done up in shades of red and wood and was later transformed into the main firehouse of the city. And, it functioned in similar capacity for more than a century! The gothic style architecture portrayed here also depicts a Moorish touch. By far, the Parque de Bombas is the most prominent landmark on the island. Today, it only serves as a small museum that honors the heroic firemen of Ponce.

Besides, there are several other mansions and plazas that ideally must be part of your Ponce tour!

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