SEO Basics for Small Businesses

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization In the context of search engine optimization, many people equate an optimized site to a site with impressive search engine rankings. Sprinkle a little fairy dust over here and waive the magic wand over there and wallah… a magnificent dish of first page rankings for the Internet’s most competitive keyword terms. [enter annoying alarm clock signaling the end of euphoric online marketing dream sequence] The fact is, if you think you are going to achieve rankings for competitive keyword terms simply by adding a few keywords to…

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All You Need To Know To Build Brand Awareness In 2022

Having great brand awareness is important for a brand. Even while your small business might not be able to accomplish this, that doesn’t mean you can’t take further steps to increase brand awareness within the market. What is brand awareness? Brand awareness is the degree to which a brand is acknowledged by potential customers and appropriately connected to a certain good or service. Small businesses may not have eponymous brand recognition, but success in lesser forms of having an awareness for your brand is still considered to be successful. This…

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