5 Romantic Ways to Propose in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Wedding

Find Out Why Puerto Rico is Perfect for Proposals Millions of tourists from around the world come to Puerto Rico for their vacations. The scenic beauty and rich history here are also attractive for marriage proposals. There are many fantastic attractions, landmarks, and resorts to choose from. These all make great backdrops for the perfect proposal, setting the groundwork for romantic memories of this special day. Discover Puerto Rico highlights the diverse regions of this intriguing island. Each region is special and can be used as destinations for popping the…

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How to Avoid the Biggest Wedding Gown Issues on Your Big Day

Shopping for the wedding gown is one of the best parts of planning a wedding if you ask most brides. That said, some common mistakes can derail your plans. Learn how to avoid the most significant wedding gown shopping blunders. Properly allocate funds When you start planning your wedding budget, you will typically have to allow about 10% of it for your attire. What may not be apparent to many brides, though, is that it does not mean you should purchase a wedding gown that takes up 10% of your…

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