Taking a Community to Puerto Rico


From El Batey Puerto Rican Center
Buffalo, NY 14207

We have an army of individual donors! People who want to contribute out of the kindness of their heart. This means so much to us because it is a personal donation and a loving gesture!

And your contributions make such a huge difference, they fill in the gaps that are so incredibly necessary to reach our goal! I won’t list all of them because -the way my brain works will forget someone.

But you know who you are, and we see and appreciate your donation. Every time we get a call, a text a ping on our donations platforms we jump for joy! To us, it means that you see us, and you value us and most importantly want to see the kids make it to Puerto Rico!

Please Consider making a Donation HERE

Desde nuestro corazon a el de ustedes!
Nuestra comunidad dentro y fuera de Bufalo se ha botado!

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