Puerto Rico is more than a single island, though many tourists never see more than the main island, where San Juan is located. Puerto Rico is actually an archipelago, made up of several smaller islands, islets and cays. While the main island is undeniably beautiful, visiting the other islands in the territory is an incredible way to get to know this truly stunning area of the world. Resorts and hotels can be located on the main island, as well as on some of the smaller islands. If you are looking for reservations, HotelsCombined.com can help you save some money.

Puerto Rico (main island) – The main island is home to the capital, San Juan, as well as numerous towns and villages. Lush jungles, incredible streams and rivers, waterfalls, caves and more dominate the interior of the island on the north. The south side of the island is an arid land, though undeniably beautiful. The central mountains are rugged and feature very narrow roads, ideal for foot traffic, but not automobiles. Numerous beaches, resorts and hotels are located on the main island, which features the heaviest concentration of locals and tourists.

Vieques – The island of Vieques is nestled in the Caribbean, about eight miles from the main island. The island is home to several protected areas, as well as ex-military areas and a Live Impact Area on the extreme eastern tip of the island. Towns dot the central region of the island, though the population has declined in recent years. The south of the island is home to palm trees and sandy beaches, while the inland area resembles the southern part of the main island, in that it is home to dry forests, and scrub. Resorts are beginning to be built on the island, which promises to bring more people to this strikingly beautiful place.

Culebra – About 17 miles from the main island, lies Culebra, or Snake Island. Culebra (and the surrounding smaller islands) is home to bird sanctuaries, as well as turtle hatcheries. While the island has been inhabited for thousands of years and was even used as a refuge by pirates, it is not very developed. The main city is home to the majority of the population, though small. Pristine beaches and virgin jungle are the rule here, though visitors will find no rivers or streams in this arid land. All fresh water is imported from Puerto Rico, through Vieques.

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