top cities in florida to visit

When you think of Florida, you should immediately think of fun. The US state is known for its never-ending attractions and vacation hotspots that people travel thousands of miles to enjoy. Contrary to what some people might believe, Florida is not just one massive city. It is actually divided into a number of cities, each with its own attractions and places to visit. 

Here are the top cities that anyone looking for some fun or simply exploring a different culture should have on their travel list. 


Right in the heart of Florida, Orlando is known for being a world-renowned tourist attraction, having millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Orlando is the home of numerous famous parks including Disney World and Universal Studios. The fun in the city does not stop there; there are also a huge variety of waterparks and aquariums which are open for visitors all year round. Although Orlando gets especially busy during the summer holidays and other school breaks, it is usually packed with tourists all year because of all the things the city has to offer to people of all ages. 


Florida is known for its beautiful beaches on all its sides, from the southeast to the Mexican Gulf. And one of the best places to enjoy the sandy beach experience in the state is in the city of Destin. Visiting Destin when traveling to Florida should be on top of your list if you are looking for a warm summer getaway with relaxing vibes and beach tranquility. You will find different beach options in Destin for any kind of beach vacation you are into, so be sure you will find what you are looking for in the sunny city. 

St. Augustine

If you are into cultural experiences and are looking for a charming city break in the heart of history, then St. Augustine might be the place for you. This small northeastern Florida city is packed with cultural landmarks and Spanish historical venues that can get your inner historian wandering. St. Augustine is not as busy as many other Florida cities but it makes for a great location for family vacations, especially ones with kids who love to learn about different cultures. It is not all museums and historical landmarks in St Augustine though; you can still enjoy the scenic blue sea and sandy beaches right from your chosen accommodation.


Miami Beach

Summer in Florida equals Miami, there is no doubt about that. Wherever you look in Miami you will find a beautiful view. The stunning blue waters and golden sandy beaches make it the perfect spot for holidaymakers who are keen on getting their tan on and stress off. The city of Miami is also quite metropolitan so you will find tall shiny buildings in the city center and exciting hangout venues for party lovers. The sure thing is, in Miami, there is something for everyone and every taste. All you have to do is go exploring. 


Right on the west coast of Florida, lies the beautiful cultural gem that is Tampa. Not only is Tampa popular with families on large trips because of its abundance of cultural experiences, but it also has some wildlife hotspots that make it a great location for those who are looking to reconnect with the planet and all its wonders. If you are a fan of big cats, and all the lion drama that comes with it, then you can visit the big cat rescue and see for yourself how these beautiful beasts are cared for. You can also take your family to the Tampa Zoo or aquarium for fun days out. 

Daytona Beach

Florida has something for everyone, even car enthusiasts. Daytona Beach is the city where Nascar was originally born with numerous auto racing and motorbiking events taking place in the city since then. Motorheads can enjoy their event of choice as well as have a nice vacation by the sea as Daytona Beach has some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. It is also a family-friendly city with lots of activities to choose from other than motor-related attractions. 

The state of Florida has always been a popular choice by many tourists and vacation goers for all the right reasons. Florida is blessed with different beautiful cities, each with an abundance of fun experiences to choose from. Whether you are looking to go on a family trip, a solo adventure, or a relaxing getaway, you will find that Florida will have a city that can cater to your holiday needs and allow you to take the nice break you need.