7 Fascinating Facts About Gaining USA Citizenship

The United States is a nation with many opportunities. The hard-working citizens have made the economy grow to great heights. Annually, it offers chances for people across the globe to gain permanent residence through their Green-card Lottery Program. The chosen few are supposed to go through a particular process for the final settlement. There are several things you ought to know about gaining USA citizenship.


1. Anyone Born Within the Boundaries of the Us Becomes a Citizen 

This is citizenship by birth. The same case applies to anyone born to a citizen parent. This means deliveries out of the country are not a worry on the issue of citizenship to the child. When they land in the country, the parent should go to the relevant government offices and do the registration for the new-born.

2. Naturalization 

It is possible to become a US citizen without being born in the US or both to a US parent, this is called naturalization, and there are different rules and regulations which govern how this is done. Some forms need signing and a thorough check on the personal documents. You must be of legal age when doing the citizenship application.

3. Permanent Residence  

Having a permanent residence allows you to apply for citizenship. This is if you have lived in the country for some time. If you have stayed in the country for two and a half years the process gives you this chance. You must be specific to the residency district you want to apply for.

4. The Green-Card Lottery Program Happens Once per Year 

The announcement for the opening of the program is clear on the procedure. There is an agency in charge of the Immigrant Visa Lottery and guide on the requirements. The applicants need to have a passport for instance. There are some minimal requirements for education. A minimum of high school education or an equivalent is required.

5. One Must Have a Good Criminal Record 

Being involved in unlawful acts while in the country risks your chances of being granted citizenship. Major offenses punishable and deportation may be likely. It is necessary to be law-abiding while in the nation all through. This should go even after gaining citizenship.

6. Oath

You must be willing to take an Oath of Allegiance since the US is a nation of democracy. Anyone wishing to be part of it ought to acknowledge respect for the constitution and the laws of the land in general.

7. Approval

After getting qualifying for the application and completing the process, wait for the approval. The last step to getting the certification of citizenship takes some months. The time depends on the backlog of documents to be scrutinized. The time may vary also depending on the state in which you are applying for the residency. However, the ever-long waiting time is two years.

It is possible to gain citizenship into the United States of America. Different regulations govern the whole process. The naturalization process for citizenship has requirements for the applicants. There are government bodies that do the verification of every document for authenticity. A person ought to observe high levels of discipline to be on the safe side.

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