Docking into Puerto Rico with Milan Rabszski

Docking into Puerto Rico

Casinos come in all shapes and sizes. Since the first casinos opened their doors, the sector has developed to take advantage of every opportunity that has presented itself. Casinos have developed into a huge, multi-industry ecosystem since the first one was formed in Venice in 1638. It was formed as a means of controlling gambling, but since then, casinos have proliferated.

Casinos today have restaurants, hotel rooms, swimming pools, and on rare occasions, private beaches. Milan Rabszski has been around the globe to explore every kind of casino there is. After experiencing the views and wonders of them all, Milan has decided to classify them into themes. Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth what that means:

Casino Themes for the Picky

It’s possible that casino themes sound perplexing, so let’s set the record straight. Every single one of the casinos that I’ve been to has some sort of overarching concept. For example, if they are situated in the mountains, you will find mountains all around you, and the casino will have a mountain motif. In a similar vein, a city setting will provide a plethora of eateries serving a variety of cuisines but will always include elements of the local culture. This is why I’ve decided to classify them into themes. But why, you ask? Because my recent explorations have given me a favorite! 

  • City casino
  • Cruise casino
  • Mountain casino
  • Sky casino
  • Basement casino
  • Rive casino
  • Jet lounge casino
  • Cave casino
  • Underground casino
  • Train casino

And finally, on to my favorite…

Welcome to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has sandy beaches, constant sunshine, and an abundance of casino resorts. Let me rephrase that, an abundance of physical casino resorts. This automatically indicates the legality of the industry. You may be wondering whether the gambling laws of the United States apply to the territory of Puerto Rico. To answer your question in a nutshell, the answer is yes; gambling establishments are permitted everywhere in Puerto Rico. 

However, there are certain rules that need to be followed to the T:

  1. It is required that casinos be located within hotels or other types of resorts for them to be able to run their businesses legally.
  2. In Puerto Rico, the legal gambling age is 18, so if you want to try your hand at slot machines or any of the other games, you will need to wait until you reach that age.
  3. The use of tobacco is strictly prohibited at gaming enterprises.

The title of “casino gambling capital of the Caribbean” rightfully belongs to Puerto Rico due to the island’s extensive offerings. It is one of the best-known destinations in Latin America for land-based casino gaming since the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is home to a number of different casinos, hotels, and resorts spread out along its coastline. The gambling sector in Puerto Rico is massive, and it serves as a significant source of revenue for the US territory, particularly from gamblers who travel there from other locations.

Here Comes the Sun…Tudududu

Casino resorts in Puerto Rico exude an air of friendliness and hospitality as a matter of course. The resorts in this area provide something for everyone, thanks to their extensive selection of games, slot machines, and gambling tables. Now, this also includes guests who are here solely for the beach, the pool, or the delicious food offered at the several restaurants in the complex.

There is no language barrier for foreigners at this casino, which is a welcome change from Poland’s sole gambling establishment. The operators, managers, and dealers can all communicate well in English. One further appealing feature of these resorts is that they are available to guests at any hour of the day or night. It’s not too dissimilar to Totalizator Sportowy forget the warm weather, sandy beaches, and laid-back vibe of the Spanish Caribbean.

What Do the Poles Have to Say?

My team of expert gamblers and I have spent time exploring the vibrant resorts of Puerto Rico. Here is what my team thinks of this experience:

  • Ella Kowalski feels that the casinos in the Caribbean are more generous with their rewards. Her time at the slot machines was nothing short of exhilarating. What stands out is the fact that you cannot smoke while gambling. “What good is a gamble if I’m also not gambling my health away?” laughs Ella. 
  • Mikołaj Radoslaw wonders why the people are always chirpy. He says, “It is unusual to see people this happy all the time. On a more serious note, I’ve noticed the dealers call for complimentary beverages when you sit at their tables. That was new!”
  • Jakub Nowak, on the other hand, has had a hard time focusing on the games because there’s a multi-cuisine restaurant that keeps calling him back. “I went in mentally prepared to deal with the amenities of a resort. I knew there would be a pool, and I dedicated time to it. The same goes for the beach and other attractions. But little did I expect the mouth-watering options at the lunch bar!” he chuckles. 

All in all, the gambling experience might have been the same for my teammates and me, but the atmosphere and the general vibe of the place have stolen our hearts. 

Wrapping Up

Milan Rabszski is dedicated to providing a great experience in the nowe polskie kasyna for the Poles. He cannot bring Puerto Rico to Europe, but he can bring a glimpse of the place where the sun never stops smiling to the Polish. For more on him and his passion project, TopKasynoOnline, where he is the editor-in-chief, visit their website. Their office is in Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw, and it’s made for the Poles, by the Poles. You can also call him for advice at +48 22 595 14 00 or email to ask him your queries. Listen to his voice, his concerns and suggestions on his podcast, where he talks about everything gambling-related, including the popular payment methods in Poland at the time of writing, in September 2022: Blik, Przelewy24, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, and Ecopayz. 

On the date of issue (September 2022), Note: Unfortunately, gambling is illegal in Poland, so the content in this article is intended only for informational purposes and is available to users outside of Poland.

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