Education in Puerto Rico Compared to the United States

If you have always wanted to know how much an education in other countries different is from the American system, now is your chance. Here, you can find a detailed guide on education in Puerto Rico and its similarities and differences when compared to an American one.

puerto rico education

Quick Overview

In Puerto Rico, there are around 1,500 public schools and 500 private schools. Schools have two categories: rural and urban. The focus of the two categories may differ. About 411,000 students attend school yearly. Public school in Puerto Rico is free.

Since school and college systems are very similar in both countries, no wonder why there are so many things both of them share. Students in Puerto Rico still buy essays online and forget about their homework. The same thing can be said practically about every student in this world. Of course, there are a few differences in habits and customs, but since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, most things remain the same. 


Puerto Rico offers a few preschool options, but all of them are not offered by a public school system. It is mostly for children who are 3-5 years old, and parents will have to pay for the services every year. 

The main purpose of preschool is to let kids learn how to communicate with others in a natural environment. This is usually a great opportunity for kids to learn how to adjust to different environments and study better. 

The US offers the same preschool system. There is no education level required to enter preschool.


Kindergarten in Puerto Rico has almost the same structure as in the US. It’s designed to help kids prepare for school and learn the basics of many subjects, such as Art, language classes, maths, science, and health. It is provided by the public school system, which means that there is no need in paying for kindergarten.  

Both in Puerto Rico and US kindergarten is meant to teach kids how to socialize and adapt to modern society. 

Primary School

Again, the primary school structure is very similar to the American one. The primary school includes grades from 1 to 6, the ages might differ. During the whole day in primary school, students go through several classes that are taught by the same teacher. Students study with other children in the same grade, and different classes and levels are not combined. 

Primary school is when education becomes obligatory. Parents who want their kids to get a certificate about graduating school must send them to school, that’s divided into a few levels, the first of them being primary school.

During primary school, children will learn such subjects as Spanish language, maths, sciences, arts, social studies like geography or history, and a few other subjects. Every school year is based on the materials from the previous year and usually, every year helps students deepen their knowledge and discover more interesting facts about our planet. 

Intermediate School

Another name for this level is also middle school. Middle school is also compulsory, and it covers grades 7 through 9. Commonly, students aged 12-15 go through middle school, but the average age might be different. Subjects that are taught in middle school are almost the same as in primary school. Still, the concepts that are covered in middle schools are a bit harder compared to primary school, and they get much more difficult with each year. Often, a foreign language is introduced during these years as well. 

High School

The age varies between 15 and 18. During high school years, students can choose from a variety of subjects and decide which ones interest them the most. A high school diploma can help students find better jobs in the future and opportunities that would lead to more wide career prospects. 

Only through staying through the 12th year students can get the HS diploma. Often, high school is a chance for students to choose a career and start working hard toward achieving their goals and dreams. 

Higher Education Options 

Puerto Rico offers many options for students who have graduated from high school and are willing to pursue higher education and expand the career prospects that they have. Same as in the USA, Puerto Rico provides HS graduates with 4 levels of higher education: associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Not all universities offer all 4, but most of them do, and students can find different higher education opportunities inside and outside of the country using to assist with their assignments.

Not Many Things Are So Different in Both Countries

As you can see it yourself, mostly, both education systems are very alike. This is why after graduation, students enter the modern world having a similar set of skills and knowledge. But let’s agree that there is a lot that should be changed in our education system to provide students with the best knowledge they truly need. 

So, if you want the education system to actually change, you should raise your voice and be vocal about it on social media. Who knows, maybe, in the next few years we will witness such big changes that we never imagined before. So, let’s hope for the best and fight for the future younger generations deserve, no matter what country they live in.

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