Exciting Ways You Can Scratch That Gambling Itch While You’re At Home

Gambling can be exciting and fun. If you have ever placed your first bet, you probably know that the urge to keep going can be high. Some gamblers flock to land-based casinos for an authentic gambling experience. If you are at home, you can still place bets with friends and family and keep up with the gambling action. Here are some of the ways to scratch the gambling itch while you are at home.

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Coin Toss

When you are at home wondering how to gamble, flipping a coin can be a good alternative. All you need is just a fair coin and a friend or two. When you decide on the fair coin and make ground rules, flipping a coin for money can give you a feeling close to that of the casino. What’s more, you will be having all the advantages instead of betting your money in a casino.


Even though craps is played in casinos, you can play this at home as well. With a wall and a pair of dice, you can play craps, make bets on the same and satiate your gambling urge. Each player can take their turn to bank the game and toss the dice.

You can set up the game with simple rules such as one pass and don’t pass lines. The idea is to make it simple, yet enjoyable. The amount to be staked can also be agreed between players.

Bet On Sporting Events

Upcoming sporting events are a rich source of markets for betting. Whether you like horse racing, soccer, basketball, tennis, or F1, there is something for everyone. Betting on sporting events gives you more control over the choices you make. Bookmakers look to attract bettors with high odds and several markets to maximize their earnings.

Live sports betting, for instance, allows you to put wagers depending on how the game progresses. Placing a wager on a game you love will give you double fun as you watch.


Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play with friends and family at home. You can play with two players or more. When playing Blackjack at home, the deal should be passed around the table since the dealer holds a small advantage. Dealers should have enough money to cover all the best made by the players.

Play Live Casino Games

Playing live casino games from the comfort of your home can quench your gambling thirst. With a mobile device and internet connection, you can access multiple live casino game shows from numerous web-based casinos. Just ensure that it is legal to play these games in your area.

Some popular games in online casinos include slots and video poker. Some online casinos offer live dealer games such as roulette and blackjack.

Try The Lottery

Most gamblers hate playing the lottery because of the ridiculously low odds. Lotteries attract clients by offering huge jackpots. Some offer weekly, monthly, and even daily jackpots and players are encouraged to play more to increase their chances of winning. You can start by purchasing scratch and win tickets from vendors in your neighborhood.

Host a Poker Game

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You can host a poker game at your place with friends. You can even purchase a guide to teach you how to play and how to host a poker night. Invite friends and family and place wagers to make the game more exciting.

If you are a gambler at home, you don’t have to feel left out. You can still participate in and enjoy some gambling action while in the confines of your home. Just try the above suggestions and have a fun and amazing game session alone or with friends.

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