Also known as The Sunshine State, Florida is a popular holiday destination with just over 131 million tourists going there for their yearly vacation. With many sights to see and a lot of inhabitants, it is understandable that accidents sometimes occur there. Fortunately, a vast majority of them can be resolved without the need for legal intervention. But sometimes individuals may not be so lucky and may find their matter needs to be resolved at court. 

Car Accidents

In 2016, there were 395,785 car crashes in Florida, roughly equating to 1,081 vehicle accidents occurring daily. If you ever find yourself involved in such an incident, an online search for legal advice will assist you in finding a reputable website to get help. With Florida being such a popular destination to work, visit, and relax in, congestion on roads is a regular feature. This inevitably means more accidents.

Rear-end Collisions

Being rear-ended is when the car behind crashes into the one in front of it, which is often the front car’s boot. There are a number of reasons for this occurring, such as distraction, inattention, panic stops, tailgating, and poor weather conditions. Although it is presumed that the rear driver is negligent, they are able to challenge this presumption under four circumstances concerning the lead driver.

  1. making an illegal stop
  2. suddenly stopping
  3. suddenly changing lanes or
  4. the rear driver’s car suffered a mechanical failure

Head-on Collisions

Considered the most dangerous type of accident due to the impact, head-on collisions can often have the most serious repercussions. They tend to be the result of vehicles traveling at high-speed and can lead to serious and devastating injuries, including broken bones, internal bleeding, and, unfortunately, death. 

The most common causes of head-on collisions in Florida include:

  1. speeding or reckless driving
  2. impairment because of alcohol and/or illegal or legal drugs 
  3. texting or talking on mobile devices
  4. driver error

Speeding and Aggressive Driving 

Having been found to be the most frequent cause of car accidents in Florida, speeding and aggressive driving is something that is often presented to courts in this State. If involved parties wish to pursue compensation, they need to be aware of their rights and remedies. Part of this is determining who is liable for the accident occurring. Negligent driving may help a victim, but if they were also found to be at fault, this could go in the other side’s favor. Witness statements can be a useful source of evidence in relation to this.

Personal Injuries

This is an expansive area that encompasses many types of accidents that often occur in recreational areas, transit, and even just when walking. The latter poses the highest risk of accidents for pedestrians. Here are more of the most common accidents that cause personal injuries which typically lead to court in Florida.

Slip and Fall 

After vehicle crashes, this type of accident is considered the most frequent. These occur not because of an individual’s inability to walk, but because of inadequate walking conditions, like an uneven sidewalk or some type of spillage. Anyone subject to slip and fall in Florida has to prove that the business had knowledge of the dangerous condition that caused the fall and did little or nothing to ensure the safety of its patrons. 

To assist your claim, it would help if you could take photographs of the accident site and any injuries, as well as making copies of any reports or forms that were completed thereafter. It would also help if you are able to get the contact details of any witnesses.

Pedestrian Accidents

Research has discovered Florida is the most dangerous state for pedestrians with 5,400 deaths between 2008-2017. It is thought that fixation with our mobile phones have contributed to this figure as pedestrians are less aware of what is going on around them whilst walking. Although research has found that roads designed for speed are also culpable. Therefore it would be true to say that both pedestrians and drivers should be equally aware of their surroundings and respectful of one another when traveling. 

Vacation Accidents and Injuries

With such a high amount of tourists visiting throughout any given year, perhaps it is unsurprising that this features in this article. Visitors often do not take the time to find out about safety in unfamiliar environments, including holiday destinations, like Florida. This unfamiliarity can often lead to accidents as visitors are unaware of how things operate in a state that is mostly a vacation destination. Accidents involving visitors are likely to occur at beaches, tourist attractions, neighborhoods, and school zones.

Undoubtedly Florida is a place to work, rest, play, and holiday. With so many people enjoying their time in different ways in this State, overcrowding of popular areas within it and the congestion that ensues can be a dangerous aspect. Being mindful of others, as well as yourself is one way to avoid any accidents that could potentially land you in court.