It’s everyone’s wish to have smooth and glowing skin. However, when your skin loses collagen, wrinkles do occur. Collagen is fibers that are responsible for keeping your skin supple and firm. Their loss is triggered by age or other lifestyle habits that may accelerate the process.

Wrinkles are prominent around thinner areas of your face, including the area around the mouth. While they occur to everyone at old age, there are many proven ways to reduce their appearance or slow down their formation. In this article, we shall switch our focus to various ways to easily prevent wrinkles from appearing prematurely around your mouth. 

  • Essential Oils

There are many benefits of aromatherapy, and one of them is helping with skin recovery. The oils are usually diluted with a carrier oil to boost firmness and skin cell turnover. As a result, this process reduces the appearance of the wrinkles. When it comes to using diluted aromatherapy essential oils on your wrinkles, it’s recommended that you test using a patch on the inside of your elbow. This trick helps ensure that you aren’t allergic to the oil. Once sure, go ahead and apply the oil to the mouth and lip at least twice a day. Some of the common essential oils you might want to consider include; 

  • Lemon
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Sandalwood


  • Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is one way to prevent premature aging. Experts suggest that you do so often. An article posted on says that you should make wearing sunscreen a habit as you are exposed to UV rays even in cloudy weather. You must understand that being exposed to sunlight is the root cause of wrinkles. The UV rays do break down your skin’s collagen, thus decreasing the skin’s elasticity. The sunscreen blocks the breaking down of collagen. 

  • Try Facial Exercises

Facial exercises? Yes, I said that right. Facial exercises are one way to help work on your smile lines. Dermatologists often insist that if the muscles around your face are well exercised, they are less likely to show any fine lines or wrinkles in this case. Having a toned muscle around your face can help make up for the lost collagen. Therefore, you should liaise with a specialist to come up with a perfect facial exercise to help deal with the wrinkles around your mouth.  

  • Consider your Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, your lifestyle choices play a vital role in premature aging. When preventing wrinkles around your mouth, you need to consider most of the lifestyle choices you make. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you smoke? These are the most asked questions you need to ask yourself. Health professionals often insist that you get at least six to eight hours of sleep daily, which helps much with skin recovery. Drinking too much alcohol also leaves your skin dry hence promoting the growth of wrinkles. Therefore, when it comes to avoiding wrinkles, some of these habits must be avoided. 

  • Dermal Fillers

If you are looking for deeper static lines, the use of hyaluronic-acid based dermal fillers should be your best option. The acid is naturally found in almost every cell. However, a boost with some of these fillers can offer many advantages, such as providing volume to plump the lip. Others are known to help with fill lines without adding much bulk. Some lips lose volume as you age, which means that a combination of natural plumping and line-filling should come in handy. 

  • Chemical Peel

A chemical peel remains one of the most commonly used anti-aging treatment options. This method works by eliminating the top layer of your skin. This reveals the smoother and more radiant skin underneath. If you are looking for perfect results, it’s recommended that you carry out the process at least once a month. 

Maintaining healthy and glowing skin can be a daunting task when you aren’t sure of what to do. Mentioned in this article are some of the easiest ways to deal with the smile lines. By going through the piece, you will have an understanding of how easy the process should be.