How to Stay Entertained in Puerto Rico

Winter is rolling around, which means that it is time to start planning spring break trips. There are a ton of options for spring break trip destinations that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for beaches or mountains, relaxing resorts or explorations of nature, there are a lot of choices. But one tried and true choice for spring break is to return to Puerto Rico and experience the island. Coming back to Puerto Rico is always a great choice, and there are tons of things to do in PR. Here are three ways to stay entertained in Puerto Rico.

Enjoy the Nightlife

The nightlife in Puerto Rico is unbelievable. From lowkey bars to full out clubs, you can find the right place for your vibe every single night of the week. A must-visit nightlife attraction in Puerto Rico is La Placita de Santurce. La Placita is a farmer’s market in the daytime, and at night it transforms into Puerto Rico’s coolest outdoors club, featuring restaurants, bars, and incredible live music to help you party through the night. There are tons of other options to explore as well, make sure to take some of it in during your stay.

Do Ocean Activities

The island of Puerto Rico offers some of the most incredible ocean beaches that the world has to offer. Everything from swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving are possible and incredible in Puerto Rico. You absolutely must try scuba diving in Puerto Rico, it is a great place for first timers to give it a shot. You do need to know how to swim well to go scuba diving, so make sure that you have taken swimming lessons before suiting up.

Experience Nature

Puerto Rico has some of the most incredible natural landscapes that you can find anywhere in the world, you absolutely must explore some of the natural beauty that PR has to offer. A great place to check out is El Yunque Rainforest, which is the only tropical rainforest that is protected via the US National Forest System. If you prefer some more glowing natural attractions, then head to the bioluminescent bay at Laguna Grande. About an hour outside of San Juan, you can paddle in a clear bottom kayak across the Laguna Grande and see the bioluminescent plankton that glow when disturbed.

There is so much to explore in Puerto Rico. If you are thinking about taking a trip back to Puerto Rico, this is your signal that the time is right. Make sure to check out these three activities to stay entertained during your stay in Puerto Rico.

Of course, another excellent way to spend time in PR is eating delicious, traditional food! Check out this article on unique Puertorican cuisine!

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