Is Your Puerto Rico Trip During Hurricane Season Worth the Risk?

Is Your Puerto Rico Trip During Hurricane Season Worth the Risk

There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in the warm sunshine while gazing at the crystal blue Caribbean waters. The only thing that can make the experience even more cherishable is a glass of a refreshing cocktail, like pina colada.

If that’s your idea of the perfect getaway, chances are you’re already craving a holiday to the birthplace of pina colada.

Puerto Rico: Every Traveler’s Wonderland

That’s right! Puerto Rico isn’t just known for its picture-perfect coastline, welcoming locals, and rich history. The awe-inspiring Caribbean island is famous for gifting human civilization with one of the most iconic cocktails.

Then there’s the spirited nightlife on the island accentuated by cafes, beach bars, and casinos in Isla Verde. History and art aficionados will also enjoy strolling past ancient fortresses, museums, and colonial buildings in Old San Juan. 

Also, the island boasts spectacular natural landscapes replete with waterfalls, hiking trails, and mountains. Nature lovers will particularly enjoy the thrill of exploring the El Yunque National Forest.

Between its glitzy hotel strip and vibrant remnants of Spanish architecture, Puerto Rico packs a bunch of tourist hotspots that can be visited throughout the year. But if you’re planning a trip between June and November, it’s natural to be concerned about the weather in Puerto Rico.

That isn’t surprising considering that hurricanes are known to wreak havoc, especially when they make landfall on islands and coastal areas. And the last thing you want is to watch your Caribbean getaway quickly spiral into a stranded-on-a-remote-island survival drama.

The Reality Hurricane Season in Puerto Rico

The good news is that hurricane season in Puerto Rico isn’t as intense as it’s perceived to be. Despite the island’s location in a hurricane-prone area, it’s had to brave only a handful of severe hurricanes in the past.

In fact, Puerto Rico is likely to face only one tropical storm every five years. The chances of a severe hurricane making landfall are even slimmer.

History of Hurricanes in Puerto Rico

The most recent hurricane to hit the island was the Category 5 Hurricane Maria that made landfall in September 2017. It caused widespread destruction across the island and resulted in the loss of nearly 3,000 lives.

While it’s widely regarded as the worst natural disaster in Puerto Rico, the last time the island witnessed a storm of a similar scale was in 1931.  In the past, Puerto Rico has braved a few more hurricanes, including Hurricane Georges in 1998, Hurricane Hugo in 1989, and San Capriane in 1932.

What’s worth noting is that hurricanes are a fairly rare occurrence in Puerto Rico. While the hurricane season on the island stretches from June to November, the weather is mostly fine throughout the period.

Perks of Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Puerto Rico isn’t just safe for travelers. It also offers a plethora of benefits for people who want to steer clear of selfie-obsessed tourists. Considering that most tourists visit Puerto Rico between December and March, you’ll have the beaches, bars, cafes, museums, and forests all to yourself.

The best part is that most accommodation facilities also offer excellent discounts during the off-peak season. If you’re willing to brave a bit of rainfall, traveling to Puerto Rico during hurricane season might be the best option for you.

A Word of Caution

It is, however, wiser to check the weather forecast for Puerto Rico before planning a trip during hurricane season. While a hurricane might be a rarity, the island experiences frequent spells of rainfall during this season. Make sure you pack an umbrella, raincoat, sturdy shoes, and enough sunscreen lotion to last throughout the trip.

Also, if you intend to travel during the hurricane season, it’s a good idea to check the cancellation and refund policy before booking your accommodation. Visit the website or talk to the manager of the property to find out whether they offer a hurricane guarantee.

Similarly, it’s a smart move to invest in a robust travel insurance plan. It’ll save you from the financial ramifications of extending your trip or experiencing any mishaps during the trip.

Should You Visit Puerto Rico During Hurricane Season in the Middle of the Pandemic?

If you’ve been yearning for some sun and sand during the COVID-19 pandemic, Puerto Rico might be just the place for you. The island’s administration recently announced several relaxations for fully vaccinated travelers from various parts of the U.S.

To begin with, a negative RT-PCR report is no longer mandatory for fully vaccinated tourists arriving at San Juan. Instead, you can furnish your vaccine card and sign a declaration form.

Also, travelers who are fully vaccinated need not wear face masks while visiting public and private indoor and outdoor spaces in Puerto Rico.

So, if the travel bug has been causing a constant itch, it’s about time you start planning your Caribbean escapade. Make sure you check the weather in Puerto Rico, buy travel insurance, and pack a few monsoon essentials to be on the safe side.

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