Latino Truckers in Florida Are Risking Their Health During The Pandemic

Close to 1.5 percent of Americans are of Puerto Rican descent and some of these people are helping Americans to get vital supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering essential items in big rigs. Unfortunately, their work duties may be putting them at risk. Latino truckers in Florida and other American states — from Texas to New York and beyond — worry about getting infected by the novel  Coronavirus, despite their best efforts to sanitize. While truckers aren’t the only Florida-based Latino workers on the front lines in America during the crisis, they do play an important role when it comes to helping others. They also deserve to stay well while they do their part for the nation. Since 17.2% of Latinos work in the transportation and utilities sector according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, let’s look at ways that Florida truckers can stay safer during uncertain times.

Road safety is paramount during hurricane season

Unfortunately, the novel Coronavirus isn’t all that truckers in Florida need to worry about right now. The Sunshine State is currently preparing for the rigors of another hurricane season according to Politico. State leaders are currently worrying about the impact of possible hurricanes on Covid-19 relief efforts and social distancing, as hurricanes will add layers of complexity and risk to an already stressful pandemic situation. Road safety is always to be trickier during harsh weather. To stay safe, advice from a truck accident lawyer confirms that truckers should stay on the alert for high winds. These winds are a strong signal that big trouble may be brewing in the Florida skies. Also, truckers should pay close attention to warnings about the weather. As well, these workers should also be prepared to shift their schedules due to weather issues. It’s hard to be patient, but patience is what truckers need during hurricane season in Florida, which has just begun, as of June 2020.

Truckers should keep their distance

The CDC reports that truck drivers who do long-haul routes tend to contract the Coronavirus due to getting too close to infected persons, such as dock personnel or retail clerks at truck stops. They might also catch the virus while hanging out with other truck drivers. Most people already know that frequent hand-washing, with warm water and soap, for at least 20 seconds, is the key to staying safe, but truckers also need to be very diligent about not touching their faces after contact with other people, or after touching surfaces which might be contaminated with Coronavirus.

The good news is that one inspiring organization, T.E.A.R, is stepping up to help Florida truckers get the personal protective equipment (PPE for short) that they need. In fact, T.E.A.R is helping truckers all over America, by donating disinfectant wipes, gloves and masks directly to truckers, at truck stops. If you can’t get the PPE that you need in any other way, be sure to contact T.E.A.R. If you have PPE but want to help other trucks, consider donating to this worthy organization.

Truckers should beef up their immune systems

Trucking can be grueling and truckers need to take good care of themselves in order to keep their immune systems as robust as possible. This means proper nutrition with plenty of immune system-boosting vitamin C, at least eight glasses of pure water daily, and adequate rest. A low-sugar diet that eases inflammation will be good for your immune system, according to a study published in the Experimental Cell Research journal. Too much sugar may impair immune system function. Live a healthy, moderate lifestyle while you’re on the road and between jobs.

Americans from Puerto Rico add so much to Florida’s culture, and some of them are behind the wheel of trucks, delivering goods to those who need them the most. Now that Latino truckers in Florida know more about how to stay safe, it’ll be easier for them to enjoy peace of mind on the road.

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