Press Release: What is it and Why is it Still Relevant

With today’s political climate, with the news digitized and available, why do we still have press releases from governing bodies and people of importance?

It seems that all the news is available at the click of a button, and the formal releases are no longer necessary. Simply read twitter and you have the most up to date information, right? WRONG!

Press releases are still entirely relevant and are the way that our government and other public bodies announce news and relevant information to the press.

Press releases are the only way to confirm and verify the information. There are many reasons why press releases are still viable and relevant, and here are a few.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a channel through which official information is released. Be it information from a private company, public company, or a government, press releases remain the only official way you can verify the information being released.

The world is now driven by social media and the constant barrage of information, rumors, and hearsay can be extremely tiring and difficult. Companies can utilize press releases to ensure that the public and press are receiving relevant information from trusted sources rather than through the rumor mill.

If a new business is opening, new stocks are being traded, or new laws or being enacted, the way to confirm this information is going directly to the source to verify any information that may be floating around. Be it through printed releases or online releases, there is no better way to release information to the press and press releases are incredibly important to maintain your public image.

With a globalized community such as we have in the world nowadays, it is incredibly important for the public to receive accurate and reliable information. This can be done by ensuring the information presented matches press release information put forth directly from the source.

If a body has new and breaking information to release, they will arrange a scheduled time to release the information and answer any questions the press may have, rather than simply publish the information on social media, as this can distort the facts and then false information can be picked up and passed along, which doesn’t help anyone.

Press releases are generally a written document released to ensure the most accurate information is being present to the press and therefore the public.

Ensuring your press release are clear and contain the most relevant information is a great way to ensure your company is presenting important information in a correct way and through official channels. The press release ensures your public relations are well maintained and can increase trust in your company or government, rather than driving suspicions and rumors.

But why are Press Releases so Important?

1. An Official Way to Confirm or Deny Information

With so much fake information, or at least inaccurate information floating around the internet, press releases are the only way officials can confirm or deny information otherwise posted.

While the press does its best to ensure accurate information is presented to the public, it is important to take all information with a grain of salt, and ensure you are receiving your information from official sources, and not simply from word of mouth and rumors.

Imagine a large secret is dropped, breaking news is released, how can you be sure that the information is accurate and correct? By going to the source, and these sources are often released via official channels and official press releases.

Press releases are a way to announce new information, officially sourced, to confirm or deny any information that has been leaked to the press.

2. A Well Written Way to Ensure Public Knowledge and Relations

Especially with our globalized economy, it is important to ensure that public relations are maintained, or the public will lose faith in your company or governing body.

To ensure the trust of the public and maintain appropriate public relations, it is of the highest importance that accurate information is provided to the media, to avoid any instances of distrust.

Anybody that requires the confidence of the public needs to ensure that their relations are well maintained and that the most up to date and accurate information is being provided to consumers, customers, and the general public.

A proactive and honest company will ensure to tailor their press releases to the public, to allow for open and honest communication in marketing and operations. Without this confidence, there is no other way to ensure the public will believe the information presented.

Press releases can address rumors, false information, or confirm information otherwise presented to the public. These releases can be published in newspapers, or presented via eReleases, or both. No matter how the release is presented to the public, it is an important part of your public relations and communication with the community.

Without appropriate press releases, the public can feel tricked, lied to, and begin their investigations, leading to issues with earning potential and company growth.

Press releases are still entirely relevant to the community, to public relations, and to ensuring only accurate information is being released to the public.

With appropriate press releases, you will ensure that your current clients and all those affected by your business are being accurately and well informed. Without the use of press releases, you will see a growing distrust in your company and governing body, and this can lead to information leaks and losses in income and business.

Press releases are the only official way to ensure that the most up to date and accurate information is being released to the people who require it and can be the only way to avoid rumors and a bad public image. Without the appropriate use of press releases, governing bodies and corporations alike will see a decline in public trust, and therefore a decline in financial support.

Just because the world is globalized and new is now a 24/7 industry online, doesn’t mean that official written press releases are not important. On the contrary, without this information being released, business and government bodies alike will surely suffer from the lack of confidence the community can have. Press releases are still entirely relevant and can ensure top-notch public relations and confidence in your company.

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