Things You Should Never Do When Involved in an Accident

Getting involved in a car accident can be a terrifying experience. At that moment you might not be able to think clearly, and you can easily end up getting into a panic mode. Many thoughts might be crossing your mind,  you might be asking yourself what you should do, and how to act in this situation. And that’s completely normal. The actions you take can actually have severe consequences, so it’s important to keep this list of things you should never do when you’re involved in an accident.

Don’t Leave

Even though it might seem like a minor accident, and it might seem as if it’s completely harmless you ought to stay at the scene. Leaving the scene automatically counts as a crime, a misdemeanor if you will, especially if any kind of damage has been caused. You might even end up in jail! So, no matter how harmless everything might seem, stopping and checking on the other people involved, as well as exchanging contact information is an important step. If the other people are severely injured you’re required to help them, be it by doing first aid or calling an ambulance.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Over

This is a very important step, considering the fact that taking part in a car accident can be a very overwhelming, scary experience. Many drivers end up afraid to sit behind the wheel for some time after the accident. And many often end up doing irresponsible things due to fear. Keep to this basic crisis plan, as shown here, and you’ll be alright. So calm down, take deep breaths and try keeping your head cool. Staying calm with the other driver even if they’re at fault is crucial. And don’t forget to call 911!

Don’t Forget to Call 911

Sometimes drivers try to fix the situation without making it complicated by involving the police. But that’s a very bad move. It’s important for police to be there to file a report and document the accident. That way, you have proof that the accident happened so that you can get your insurance claim for potential damages and injuries. If you don’t call the police and it turns out that the other driver’s insurance has expired, which sadly isn’t so uncommon, you will have to pay for everything yourself. And even though some damage might seem minor, there could be a lot more wrong with your car than it meets the eye. So don’t fool around, call 911.

Don’t Admit Fault

This is always a bad call. Admitting fault on record or at the scene, no matter if you’re sure you’re at fault or not, can put you at a great disadvantage with your insurance company. Even though apologizing might seem like the right thing to do, remember that you’re not the one assigning blame here. Just make sure everyone involved is okay, and that nobody is severely injured.

As we’ve already mentioned, being involved in a car crash definitely isn’t easy. It’s stressful and overwhelming. And sometimes no matter how much you try to avoid them, it’s simply impossible, so all you can do is make sure you’re doing the right thing after the accident has happened.

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