Reasons Why Athletes Get Headaches After Working Out

Reasons Why Athletes Get Headaches After Working Out
Man Resting After Exercises In Gym

In most cases, a considerable number of people working out have headaches after their session. Dehydration, lack of sleep, or lower blood sugar levels could be the cause. Exercise headaches are typically not serious and can fade after a few days or weeks. However, in some cases, it may be a serious condition.

For such people, they are required to visit a doctor immediately to avoid further damage to their bodies. Read on to know why you get headaches after working out.

Dehydration is the Number One Cause

Your body needs to be hydrated at all times. When you exercise, your body loses water in the form of sweat. Therefore, you should consume at least two cups of water before exercising. Your headache will disappear as soon as you start taking fluids. If it does not, it is best if you visit your doctor. If you are looking for a way of boosting your strength while exercising, visit the Getanabol website for the best online workout enhancement gear.

Exertion Headache

Exercising is part of physical activity where you are moving your body and using energy. Exertion headache is activated by any form of physical exercise. The major symptom is pain in the head, particularly the sides, and this can last for days unless something is done. The pain increases after the training session. It can either be primary or secondary.

Most people who exercise have primary exertion headaches. It has not yet been scientifically proven what causes it, but most scientists suspect that narrowing of the blood vessels after exercise might be the cause.

Hot Weather

Exposure to extremely high temperatures causes headaches for most people. Your body becomes tired quicker as compared to exercising when the temperatures are low, hence leading to frequent headaches. To avoid this, you can try and exercise early in the morning or at night. If you are exercising in a warm room, try switching to a room that has an air conditioner.

Improper Form

When exercising, you stretch most of your muscles, especially if you are a weightlifter or runner. Muscle tension is said to occur when you maintain poor form when exercising, which can later lead to a headache. When engaging the neck or shoulder muscles, it is good to maintain a proper form. You can use a mirror or your phone to help you see if you are doing the exercise well. You can also hire a trainer to help you with the exercise routines.

Stressing Yourself

Being stressed means that your cortisol hormone levels are high and you exercising drives the hormone much higher. This can lead to headaches or a much worse situation for your body. You can prevent this by doing simple exercises such as walking or squats. You can also take a break from your routine until you are in a better state to resume.


It is not unusual to have headaches after exercising. However, you can always try and avoid them. The above articles informs you of the possible cause of your headache. With the information, you can exercise in the right way and time.

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