Students And Alumni Take Pride In HBCU-branded Collegiate Apparel

historically black colleges and universities

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) want their students and alumni to take pride in their college experience. With their history of educating and uplifting the African American community, these schools strive to promote the achievements of their students, faculty, staff, and alumni that go on to do things that elevate and inspire their community. For many of those associated with these schools, part of showing their pride in their experience extends to the wearing of fashionable HBCU-branded collegiate apparel.

Many of the top apparel brands for HBCU-branded apparel are founded by HBCU alumni that wish to showcase their Black pride and love for their alma mater. They have made a wide variety of clothing and accessory options available with HBCU logos, images that are meaningful to the community, and phrases that promote Black culture. Some of the companies, like Legacy History Pride – HBCU apparel seller since 2019 – provide support to HBCU networks by investing in the schools and finding other ways to give back to the community.

As the popularity of HBCU apparel has surged, it has become clear that many students and alumni find the custom apparel to be a fantastic way to highlight their respect of their culture and their education. Seeing people wearing these items is becoming more common in cities across the country, even in cities that do not have a HBCU nearby. As more people choose to attend these schools for the Black college experience, the popularity of HBCU collegiate apparel will continue to rise.

HBCU collegiate apparel

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