Where to Snorkel and Kayak in Puerto Rico

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Do you plan to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico? In that case, this guide will be of great help. Puerto Rico is a country where outdoor, especially water-based activities, are extremely popular among tourists and residents alike. If you’re visiting to have an active vacation, this is the place to be. On the other hand, if you consider moving there permanently, the days will never be dull. Puerto Rico has many beaches, coral reefs, and passages to explore! If you haven’t tried kayaking or snorkeling but want to do it at some…

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Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

puerto rico coral

Due to its location in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico combines the rain forests of Central America with the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, making it a wonderful vacation destination. It’s also home to a number of islands off the coast that are world-renowned. Many of these are known as fantastic snorkeling spots. Snorkel over reefs with beautiful fans, brain coral, and gorgonian coral forests.  Swim along schools of angel fish, parrot fish, the beautiful hawksbill turtles, and much more. Here are just some of the beautiful places you can snorkel…

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