Where to Snorkel and Kayak in Puerto Rico

Do you plan to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico? In that case, this guide will be of great help. Puerto Rico is a country where outdoor, especially water-based activities, are extremely popular among tourists and residents alike. If you’re visiting to have an active vacation, this is the place to be. On the other hand, if you consider moving there permanently, the days will never be dull. Puerto Rico has many beaches, coral reefs, and passages to explore! If you haven’t tried kayaking or snorkeling but want to do it at some point, make the most of the opportunity you have in Puerto Rico.

Kayaking in the heart of the capital San Juan

Head over to Laguna del Concado for an urban kayaking experience! You can peacefully paddle while observing the city from a distance or sign up for a night excursion. Don’t forget to paint your face with neon colors, as you’ll kayak in an illuminated canoe with UV lights. So, make sure not to miss it out, and don’t forget to capture some awesome photos!

La Cordillera Nature Reserve

It’s an entire nature reserve waiting to be explored. Just go on a taxi boat and prepare for an all-day snorkeling adventure. La Cordillera covers up to 20 nautical miles (over 6000 feet). It has an outstanding ecosystem, including turtles, sea cucumbers, sea grass, and more! So, make sure to inquire about tours and transportation on time.

people kayaking in the open sea
So many places to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico attract a great number of visitors

Bioluminescent bays

A neon-glowing sea you normally see in documentaries can be found in Puerto Rico as well! If this is something you look forward to seeing, prepare a camera and head over to Mosquito Bay, Laguna Grande, or Fajardo Parguera.  Kayaking tours in bioluminescent bays at night are once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences.

Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario

We can’t speak about mountains, crystal clear water, and snorkeling in one place without mentioning Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario beaches. The fact that they are close to Luis Peña Natural Reserve makes them one of the most visited picturesque snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico. Marine life is quite vibrant and colorful and worth capturing with a nice underwater camera. However, make sure to pay attention to other boats arriving since this area is sometimes packed with tourists. Ask the locals about the safest parts of the beaches where you can have an uninterrupted swimming and snorkeling time.

The Mona Passage

Are you looking specifically for a snorkeling place where you can witness rich marine life? The Mona Passage is one of those. It’s formed by three small islands Mona, Desecheo, and Monito. Besides active marine life, The Mona Passage is famous for its underwater caverns and corals as well. That’s why you’ll notice plenty of professional divers and underwater photographers there. You can get there by boat you should book in advance since The Mona Passage has many visitors.

a woman showing where to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico
Capture magnificent underwater nature when snorkeling in Puerto Rico

Isla Ratones

The route to Isla Ratones is perfect for you if you are into long kayaking trips. Once you arrive, you’ll be amazed by white sand beaches and crystal clear water. There are also designated picnic spots in this secluded place where you can take a break and relax. Keep in mind that this is not where you spend just a few hours, but all day. So, pack a waterproof bag with some food, water, and essentials.

Hire international movers if you plan actually to relocate to Puerto Rico permanently

Outdoor options in Puerto Rico are one of the top reasons for moving, as said by international relocation specialists at movingtransparent.com. If this is you, then rest assured your reasons for moving are valid. According to various conducted studies, it’s proven that people who live actively and close to nature tend to be happier. Puerto Rico is definitely one of those blissful places on Earth. The bottom line is – moving to Puerto Rico is worth the effort.

How to transfer from the States to Puerto Rico?

Keep in mind the route from the US to Puerto Rico qualifies as international relocation. Therefore, it’s necessary to find experienced international movers to handle the entire endeavor. International relocation includes numerous tasks to do before your plane takes off. It’s also a move that requires thorough planning from start to finish. That being said, make sure to plan your international moving adventure months ahead.

Only international moving specialists with years of experience behind them will make an easy transfer from the States to Puerto Rico possible. This is how you’ll recognize them best:

  • Licenses
  • Top ratings
  • Free moving quote
  • Insurance options
  • Experience with international moving projects
  • Extensive service offer

Purchase your kayak and snorkeling equipment after you arrive

The less stuff you move, the easier it will be to settle in your new home. If you want to have your own kayak or snorkeling equipment, better wait until you arrive in Puerto Rico. There you can get excellent quality at a reasonable price.

peaceful tropical beach
Beaches and natural reserves in Puerto Rico are worth experiencing

The residents of Puerto Rico understand the benefits of kayaking, which is why the business is highly developed. Many companies rent kayaks, offer guided tours, or sell colorful kayaks in different sizes. The business is flourishing because there are so many places to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is where you learn how to live an active and laid-back lifestyle

Life in Puerto Rico is much different than what you’re used to. The residents are proud of their natural reserves and commit a lot of effort to preserving them. This can be seen best when you snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico and witness vibrant sea life and a rich ecosystem. Furthermore, a sense of community is very strong among Puerto Ricans. You’ll notice this as soon as you move there. Also, living in this beautiful state is far from dull. With so many natural areas to see and explore, it isn’t easy to run out of ideas for a perfect weekend getaway!

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