Domino Tables: Symbols Of Puerto Rican Culture

Puerto Rican Domino Table

If there is one thing Puerto Ricans may have defined better than any other culture, it is how to have a genuinely good time without the use of modern technology. One of the most definitive objects in Puerto Rican homes is the domino table. Nearly every family has one, and some have had their tables for multiple generations. Families, friends and new acquaintances can all gather around the table to laugh and play a timeless game. In tourist towns, visitors are welcome to join the games or learn how to…

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Competencias de Domino

Las competencias de dómino en los Estados Unidos se rigen por las Reglas de Dominousa, sistema “Suizo”, las cuales se enumeran a continuación. Duración del Partido: Los partidos de dómino se juegan a doscientos (200) puntos o cuarenta (40) minutos, lo cual ocurra primero. Si los 40 minutos ocurren primero, la pareja con la mayor cantidad de puntos gana el partido. Sin embargo, la mano que se haya empezado se termina, aunque exceda de los 40 minutos reglamentarios. Salida: Para la salida inicial del partido, las fichas se barajean, cada…

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How to select a set of Double Six Dominoes

Domino Set The standard domino set for Double Six consists of 28 pieces.  Get a set with larger pieces and spinners.  Sets with the largest pieces of dominoes are called professional and jumbo, and they measure 1”x2”x3/8” and 1”x2”x1/2”, respectively.  These larger pieces are easier to handle, and they can stand at the ends without falling over.  The spinner, the small brass or aluminum pin in the middle of each piece, prevents the domino pieces from resting flat on the table. This helps protect the surface of the domino pieces…

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