Financial Planner Basics

financial planning

What is Financial Planning and Why it is Crucial for You Even if you do not think you are a financial planner, you better start thinking like one fast. In the United States, there is an approximate of 5.6 million people who are either self-made millionaires or financially independent. And what is so hard to believe about that statistic, you ask? This is because that is only about 5% of the American population. The remaining 95% of the American population (we’re talking about 106.4 million people here!) are not only…

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Changing Your Spending Habits

It is every one dream being a millionaire and retiring with a healthy bank account, but how many people can actually achieve it? So few. This is largely due to lack of discipline in building up their retirement fund and poor spending habits. While building a retirement fund requires time, you can accelerate the process by making incremental but positive changes in your spending habits. Here are seven ways that you can change your daily lifestyle for more positive results in your spending habits: Have you ever noticed how much…

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Why You Need To Keep A Household Budget

household budget

We work hard to earn a living. We should make sure we spend the money we bring home wisely. That’s where a household budget comes in. It’s a good tool to see at a glance what we have coming in, what’s going out (and what that money is paying for) and if there’s anything left at the end of the month to put into savings. Before we dive into exactly what a budget can do for us, let’s consider for a minute what will happen if we’re not tracking income…

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Bloomberg Review

financial services

Established in 1981, Bloomberg has long been considered one of the best information and analytical resources available. Its brokerage services are popular with both private traders and professional market participants because they allow users to independently monitor various instruments in the global financial markets effectively. It covers all areas related to finance and offers advice from expert analysts from around the world. One of the best things about Bloomberg services is how easy they are to use. The main website is streamlined to be intuitively simple with well-organized information and…

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Which are the best options to Save for College?

Which are the best options to Save for College? 529 PLAN VS PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE This is a question that us parents ask ourselves when we want to decide on our children’s future. Some parents always said: “I don’t know if my kid will go to college”, “I’m successful and I only have a high school diploma”, “I don’t want to put life insurance on my kid”, etc. But at the end of the day, it all depends on your financial goals and obligations, as well as the degree of…

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How Financial Planning Prepares you for Times Like This

Right now, things are feeling uncertain that’s for sure. The novel call COVID-19 is impacting our daily routines and lives, from parents not knowing if school are going to be open this month and if the procedures that they are taking are the correct ones to our workplaces. Not even the most knowledgeable economic forecast models couldn’t predict something like what just happened a couple of months ago. First and most the question is what can we do in a world that is changing the way our country is moving?…

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