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Established in 1981, Bloomberg has long been considered one of the best information and analytical resources available. Its brokerage services are popular with both private traders and professional market participants because they allow users to independently monitor various instruments in the global financial markets effectively. It covers all areas related to finance and offers advice from expert analysts from around the world.

One of the best things about Bloomberg services is how easy they are to use. The main website is streamlined to be intuitively simple with well-organized information and quick links for popular tasks. People that post a Bloomberg review often comment on how information is available in both text and video, giving users the option to get the information they want in the format they prefer. Many of the services on the website are available free of charge, with more complex services provided through a subscription service.

Registering for Bloomberg’s brokerage services is also streamlined and simple. After inputting an email address to be used with the services as a login, the site will ask you to create a password for security. A verification email will then automatically be sent to that email address to confirm that you have access to it. Once you have verified your email address, you will be able to access the numerous services available. You can also learn more about Bloomberg services and see if they are right for you by reading more reviews on TradersUnion.

Overview Of Bloomberg Services

financial toolsMain News Feed

On the main page of the site is the main news feed, which contains a wide range of financial news from around the world. This free content is separated by topic and can be refined by region, so the user is not overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

Quotes Feed

The main page also has a scrolling feed of quotes for a wide range of assets, including major financial and commodity indices, precious metals, oil, and major currency pairs. The feed can be paused at will by the user for a longer view of any relevant asset.


This media service offers videos and articles on everything from company news to economic topics and business analytics. Some of the topics have information that is available for free while access to some other topics require a paid subscription.

Bloomberg Professional Services

This is a paid subscription for additional professional services and advanced options mostly used by financial institutions, large professional investors, and legal entities. Analytical calculations and expert opinions are provided on a wide variety of financial markets and trading instruments.

Bloomberg Terminal Trading Platform

The terminal provides access to major trading platforms, advanced analytics, and technical support in multiple languages. Corporate investors can provide access to employees by authorizing general access from different devices from one account or authorize several users for a single device.

Customer Support

Free customer support features include FAQ lists of common questions and English-speaking customer service representatives. With a paid subscription, users can also take advantage of 24/7 access to customer service and a special communication messenger when working with the Bloomberg Terminal.

Online Webinars

Training videos are available to help users learn about various areas of financial markets. While most of the videos are in English, webinars in various other languages are also available, including French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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