Online Tools for Verification and Validation

Online Tools for Verification and Validation

Verification and validation are independent processes that we use to check that a product, service, or content on different platforms meets the requirements and conveys factual information to its consumers. 

They are essential components of any system to manage the quality of content. Plagiarism check, reverse image search, and paraphrasing play a crucial role in verifying and validating any content. 

Occasionally a third party performs “verification” and “validation” of your content. 

  • Validation

It is the process of assurance that your content is free from false information and based on factual evidence. A validated content does not violate the copyright laws. It associates with the acceptance and suitability of your customers. To validate your content, go through a plagiarism check and eliminate every kind of error in your piece of writing. 

  • Verification

It is the evaluation and confirmation of any information that your content is providing with the help of specific tools. It involves the uncovering of false news or content present on different platforms of social media. 

Tools for verification and validation

 Specific tools are available online for the verification and validation of your content. Some of them are:


Checking the plagiarism of your content plays a vital role in content validation. Unique and plagiarism-free content gives you a higher rank on SERP. On the other hand, duplicated content can lead to lower page rank and increase the risk of getting blacklisted by search engines, especially Google. You can take support from the free plagiarism checker by for plagiarism check to validate your content. 

  1. This similarity checker is free and allows you to conduct as many searches as you like. All you need to do is copy and paste or upload your content in this plagiarism tool.
  2. This tool offers you a deep search and check plagiarism to provide the most accurate and precise result details.
  3. PlagiarismDetector analyzes your content based on lexical frequencies, word choice, and matching phrases. 
  4. It offers you Data Safety with its Latest Technology and can check up to 25k Words quickly. 

Grammar Checker- 

No one is immune to mistakes, and every content creator makes serious grammatical errors at some point. takes your worry away if you are weak in grammar or cannot use the correct tense in a particular context. Grammatical mistakes and wrong sentence structure affects the validation of your content. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to take help from this AI-based tool to enhance and validate your piece of writing. Upload your content in this tool, and it will automatically correct all of your Grammar Mistakes, unintentional orthography errors due to lack of knowledge, Sentence Errors, and Contextual Usage Errors. 

Reverse image search – 

Reverse Image Search is a photo finder technique that helps users spot fake and real images on the Internet. offers you the facility of reverse image search without costing anything. It enables you to verify any news or photo you see on the Internet. 

The Internet has a massive amount of images and news that it becomes challenging to find image sources and other relevant information from that huge number. Therefore, search by image comes to your rescue whenever you need to verify any information. 

  1. performs reverse image search for profile pictures present on different social networking platforms, including a celebrity actress. 
  2. It helps you verify fake people who have stolen profile photos from another LinkedIn or Facebook user. 
  3. Whenever you want to track your images online, this tool helps you to identify websites where they are published online. Its Image processing involves extracting some helpful information by converting your sample image into a digital query instead of a keyword and performing operations.
  4. It makes it easy to find and fight image theft by discovering how and where your photos are used online and lets you recover compensation for unauthorized use of your creative work.

Social media is famous for creating viral news stories and connecting people worldwide. When you are using Facebook or Twitter, you might find some mysterious faces and fake profiles. This Reverse image tool lets you verify profiles by inspecting their authenticity within no time. 


Article rewriter by duplichecker is an efficient, fast, and completely free tool to rewrite your content to eliminate plagiarism from your content. It uses Artificial Intelligence to provide the most accurate results. Its servers can process huge content and several articles at a single time.

  1. It has a vast library of words and synonyms for Spelling Check and Grammar Check options as an ultimate solution to your writing problems. 
  2. Rephrasing your content improves the quality of your writing material, thus playing a significant role in the validation of your work; therefore, students, teachers, and content creators from every category prefer it. 
  3. It helps many SEO writers to keep their business running while keeping the traffic on their websites.
  4. The motive of this tool is to provide services effectively while maintaining the security and safety of your data. 
  5. After rewriting your content, it offers you a feature of Plagiarism check to increase the validity of any piece of writing. 

Plagiarism check is another feature as it uncovers plagiarized photos playing an essential role in content validation and verification.

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