Top 4 Beaches in Turkey for a Fantastic Holiday

beaches in turkey

You might not know this, but Turkey is a great destination for a beach holiday. The country’s coastline extends along three seas, the Aegean, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea, offering tourists a wide array of beaches to suit every taste.

If you want to relax under the sun, we recommend visiting the Mediterranean coast. Crystal clear water, white sand, and a calm sea will welcome you. For water sports, you should visit the Aegean coast. Good surfing waves and lots of water sports options are available on this side of the country. Finally, for a more rugged landscape that will offer you a different experience, you should definitely visit the Black Sea. The beaches are stunning, with a more natural background, good for hiking and exploring.

Below, we’ll share with you some of the best beaches Turkey offers to help you plan your next trip to the country.

Kabak Beach – Best beach to unwind

Pine forests and mountains surround the half-moon bay of Kabak Beach, and it’s only accessible by foot, that’s why this beach is most popular among travelers, yogis, and nature lovers.

Most visitors are backpackers traveling along the Lycian Way. There aren’t many attractions or water sports, making it perfect for laying back, enjoying the natural beauty and peaceful calm Turkey has to offer.

Mermerli Beach – Getaway in the middle of the city

Antalya is a top destination among beachgoers, with lots of resorts and high-end hotels along its coast. Mermerli Beach is a little city beach tucked away near the historic harbor, just a few minutes from the city center. It’s perfect for takinge a moment of relaxation, sunbathing, and swimming after a long day of strolling around town.

The space is limited, although it has been extended by a stone plateau and wooden terraces. But don’t worry, there is enough space in the water, and the sea is clear, offering stunning views of the opposite coast.

Patara Beach – Best for nature lovers

To get to Patara Beach, you must go through the ruins of the ancient Patara city. Take your time to explore the ruins of old temples, alleyways, and arches, and when you’re ready, the beach will be waiting for you on the other side.

Patara is Turkey’s longest beach, which means you can easily find a quiet section just for you. The beauty of this beach is protected because it’s part of a national park. There’s plenty of birdlife, and the beach is a protected loggerhead turtle nesting area. As a result, the only amenities you find at the beach is a small community-run café where you may rent parasols and other beach accessories. Patara is closed to humans after sunset, leaving the turtles full reign over the sand.

Cleopatra’s Beach – Best for families

Cleopatra Beach is Turkey’s most famous beach. The beach gets its name after the Egyptian Queen who fell in love with it while on a Mediterranean cruise.

The beach is carefully preserved, bordered by a lovely walkway and all the stores, cafés, and restaurants you’ll need to spend an entire day on the beach. Because the beach is so popular, there are plenty of amenities available to make your beach day more comfortable, including childcare. Cleopatra Beach’s waters are great for swimming. Water sports, such as surfing and paragliding, are also available.

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