Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Emojis

While sending an email or text, emojis are becoming an important part of our daily chats. It is best to express feelings in expressionless texts. However, these emojis are basically digital icons or pictures with different emotions.

In this modern world, it is one of the vital ways to lead a marketing campaign and build customer relations. These tiny images have a significant role in human psychology. They have the power to turn a negative context into a positive one and affect the human mind.

Through your digital devices and smartphones, you can send your favourite emoji to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. As, when a person sends an emoji the other person gets to know about the feelings and expression and can understand the text more effectively.

However, other than this, there are many advantages and disadvantages of emojis that we’ve covered up for you.

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Let’s start;

Advantages of using emoji 

Following are the advantages of using emoji.

1-  Boost Customer Service

Many companies these days are using email and non-verbal communication to reach customers. They use emojis in this communication that influences the behaviour of the customers. These emojis show respect and value given from the side of the company to the customer. Usage of emojis reduces the negative response and boosts loyalty. One of the research has found that customers respond to the email containing emojis more than a simple email. You can use different heart emojis to show them a good connection.

2-  Effective Advertisement

Research has found that advertisements either printed or digital if it contains emoji the advertisement becomes more effective and can be seen by most of the audience. Simple texts and pictures become boring for the audience.

3-  Improve Customer Engagement

Customer engagement has boosted up since the emoji came to the market. On social media platforms, where we connect different people, you can use these emojis in your campaigns, posts, and even in the messages to let them feel valued. Moreover, it can drive engagements by attracting your customers that in return increases interaction per post.

4-  Increase Interest

Simple texts become boring for the audience. Even in our daily chatting, these colourful emojis create fun and joy. It boosts the interest of the readers. Undeniably, emojis have become an important part of non-verbal communication.

5-  Saves Time 

Sometimes, it is very difficult to answer in words or you are in some important meeting but replying back is also important. Here comes the emoji for rescue. It saves your time by sending a quick message. On the other hand, the sender also understands the message. We can say that emojis create a better understanding for the users.

Disadvantages of emoji

Following are the disadvantages of emoji.

1-  Roasted Vocabulary 

In this new digital world, the kids are also digital and using all digital facilities. The emojis ruin their vocabulary and way of communication. In the age of learning, they are doing emoji talk. It also spoils their mental capability to create good sentences.

2-  Emoji Create Confusion

Some emojis are very confusing. The meaning of some emojis is varying from country to country.  Maybe the sender of the emoji is sending emoji with a different point of view but the receiver perceives it in another way. Here it creates a clash of interest and understanding.

3-  Affect Formal Communication

Some official groups and communities prohibit the use of emojis and informal messages. They think that it ruins the concept of formal text. It is not an official way to talk. They prefer to write text in words rather than using irregular faces.

4-  Communication Gap

The age gap creates a communication gap. Our elders have no understanding of the digital world and are not able to understand these emojis. It creates a communication gap among people of different ages and creates difficulty in maintaining relationships.

Moreover, our youngsters are trying to move with trends without proper awareness. Some emojis have adult meanings. Our youngsters don’t understand them and use them without knowing the real concern. Those kids should be educated enough before using.


Emojis have advantages as well as disadvantages. It is very useful if users use them properly and have a clear understanding of their meaning. Some formal talks avoid emojis. This article consists of some pros and cons of emojis. Read it and if you have any query let us know by mentioning them below.

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