Top Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

Top Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

Located in the Northeastern Caribbean, east of Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States of America, is a wonderful vacation destination for many people in this world. It is an island that has been originally populated by aboriginal people, but then it was claimed by the Hispanics. Back in 1898 Spain ceded the island to the U.S. under terms of the Treaty of Paris.

The modern culture of Puerto Rico represents an interesting mix of African, Amerindian, Spanish and North American influences. Its climate is tropical marine, mild and with very little seasonal variations. If you plan to travel to Puerto Rico, it is important for you to know that during the hurricane season, from June until November, it rains once a day. Puerto Rico consists mostly of mountains, but also has a small plain in the North. In addition to this, there are many sandy beaches along the coasts.

You can get to Puerto Rico by plane, using the main airport – Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. Nevertheless, you should also take into account the fact that about one million tourists come to visit Puerto Rico each year by boat, on cruise ships. And even though the public transportation system works well in the cities, most travelers rent a car in order to reach the desired destination, especially if it is outside a city.

Travel to Puerto RicoWhat is there to do and see while in Puerto Rico? First of all, you can enjoy a zip-line adventure, flying over green valleys and forest canopies at 60 miles per hour over 4000 feet, or descending to the mouth of an underground river. Puerto Rico offers its tourists the possibility to spend a day of adventure that includes rappelling, caving and hiking.

For many scuba diving lovers, Puerto Rico is the best place on earth to do this activity, because they can explore not only the Atlantic Ocean waters, but also the Caribbean Sea waters. In addition to this, the island is the home of the only subtropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service, a place where lots of adventurers meet in their quest for new and unique experiences.

If you prefer riding your bike, Puerto Rico offers you this possibility as well; there are numerous tracks, from the dirt tracks in the rainforest to lush landscapes. Sure, if you do not feel like riding a bike, you can always ride a horse and visit the island this way. The island will charm you no matter how you choose to explore it!

Some tourists are simply looking for peaceful, beautiful beaches, and Puerto Rico boasts with no less than 2,017 miles of diverse beaches. You can spend many hours of tranquility on the golden sand beaches that are facing the ocean, or on the white sand beaches that are facing the Caribbean Sea.

The surf beaches are considered to be the best in the world, so numerous tourists come to Puerto Rico just for surfing. As an example, Flamenco Beach is a well known natural treasure, being labeled as the second most beautiful beach in the world by Discovery Channel. Under these circumstances, it is not a surprise that visitors from all over the world come here and stay for several months every year. There are no less than 300 beaches that you can choose from, so you will certainly find one that will charm you, offering you lifelong memories.

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