2019 is the Year You Should Take a Cruise

Photo by David Dibert from Pexels

Over 27 million people took cruises in 2018, with ships operating at 100% capacity and a total number of ships on order standing at a whopping $65 billion as per figures provided by Forbes. Across the generations, more and more people are opting to take a cruise as a vacation option. The older generation is increasingly showing an interest in taking cruises as a way to spend their retirement savings. But even millennials are acquiring a taste for cruises in their effort to gain authentic experiences as they take pictures of beautiful hidden slices of paradise in popular cruise destinations like Puerto Rico to share on their Instagram pages. Taking a cruise is a perfect choice if you’re looking to visit a number of destinations during your vacation.

The Beauty of Cruising

More people are setting aside money for unique travel experiences like cruising. When it comes to choice, the ideal option is to get a package that grants quality at an affordable price. Cruises have a number of benefits not least among them being their affordability. In addition, a cruise is the one vacation option that would allow you to visit popular places in one trip at a reasonable cost. It also has the added advantage of being all-inclusive in that the money you pay covers everything from meals to drinks, which leaves you worry-free as you enjoy your vacation. If this isn’t sufficient incentive, then consider the number of interesting people you can meet on the cruise ship. With all these benefits, the question you should be asking is where to go on your first cruise.

Cruising in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has been heralded as a prime destination for a cruise by the court of public opinion. This can perhaps be credited to the tropical heat and sunshine  that both make this destination a big hit for travelers looking to escape the chilly winter months. Additionally, the geographical makeup of the Caribbean makes it ideal for cruising due to the incidental spacing between its islands. This allows the ship to arrive at a new island almost every morning. This allows you to see several islands over a short period of time. A Caribbean cruise also affords you to relax on the beach at virtually every port you dock at.

Don’t Miss Out on Hawaii

Hawaii offers the great advantage that you can set off directly from the West Coast of North America and sail to Honolulu on a one-way trip, or make a circuit that will bring you back to the mainland. Hawaii is a prime destination given that it is warm all year round and is steeped in culture. It is, however, advisable to go during the off-season, which is from  September to mid-December and again between the middle of April and the middle of June as there will be fewer tourists. Do take advantage of off-cruise trips once you dock to see more attractions. If you have been touring around Puerto Rico, you might consider this as an alternative destination as you move away from the Pacific Ocean and get a feel of the Atlantic waters.

Your travel plans for 2019 should include at least one cruise. Take your time to plan in advance and save for a memorable cruise trip to your dream destination. Bring along your partner or travel with friends for the best experience.

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