The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico BeachesThere is nothing quite like the beaches in Puerto Rico – the cashmere sands sprawling some 270 miles along the fringes of the glittering Caribbean Sea and stretching out over to the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. Soft swaying palm leaves, never ending margaritas, the rolling soapy surf and some of the most secluded bays and famous surfing spots in the world.

Whether you have come to the legendary Caribbean island for the lush rainforest, the crystal caves, the gateway to surfing paradise, the island parties and the rum or the breath taking beaches you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t know which one of the hundreds of beaches to pick, you won’t be alone. Luckily we are one step ahead of you and have picked a few of our favourites to help you choose.

The best beach for Surfing – Playa Higüero

This beach is set in the popular Rincon region and has acquired the nickname of ‘’Little Malibu’’, due to its incredible winter season popularity on the surfing calendar. A top notch surfing destination, it was not the location of the world surfing champs for nothing. Not for the faint hearted, surfers can look forward to the 16ft barrels as the norm that come crashing down on to the velvety Caribbean sands.

The beast beach for Families – Luquillo Beach

A view of Luquillo Beach
A view of Luquillo Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most photographed beach in all of Puerto Rico, Luquillo Beach has a stunning coral reef that prevents the surf from becoming wild and rough, making it the calmest beach for families with children who want to frolic in the sea. There are a number of excellent picnic spots, changing room and even great shower facilities, so it is nice and clean and the perfect beach for parents to have a great day out, to relax at the ocean.

The best beach for Snorkeling – Playa Experanza

Puerto Rico is not only known for its gorgeous beaches and world class surfing spots, it is also known for its huge abundance of snorkelling opportunities, with a gorgeous reef that is literally teeming with marine life and underwater palaces just waiting to be explored. Expect to see a mass of deeply colourful antler coral, nurse sharks, large shoals of bright fish and even the odd manatee or two as you head on down below the waves at Playa Esperanza.

The best beach for swimming – Playa de Ponce

Considered to be one of the most enviable beaches in the world, the second biggest city in Puerto Rico, Ponce is the host to this slice of ocean paradise. The waves are calm and the surf rolls gently on to the velvety sands, instead of crashing angrily onto the shore, removing half of the beach as the waves roll furiously back, being sucked back into the deep ocean. The water is clearer, the waves virtually still and the tides predictable to the minute, which makes it great for kids who want to body surf and play in the water, as well as swimmers that want to go far out without the risk of being swept away.

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