Luquillo Beach is a beautiful public beach boasting more than a mile of shimmering sand along the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. The beach is considered one of the best places for Caribbean vacations due to the numerous amenities available to visitors. Luquillo Beach is very popular with both locals and tourists during the summer months and on weekends, so it is best to arrive early if you want to secure a good spot.

One of the best features of Luquillo Beach is its gentle waves, making it a great spot for families with younger children. The beach is protected by a large reef that breaks the waves before they can get close to shore. The water is very clear with little seaweed obscuring the view until you get close to the shore’s edge, where small waves continuously kick up the fine sand. Farther out, the reef is an excellent place for snorkeling and diving.

The private company taking care of the beach grooms and cleans the sand regularly, making it one of the cleanest beaches available. Many mature coconut palm trees grow along the sandy crescent to supply ample shade during bright days. Chairs and umbrellas are available to rent if guests are unable to bring their own.

There are many food options available at the beach. Parallel to Luquillo Beach along PR-3 highway are the Luquillo Kiosks, which serve local cuisine and cold beverages along with souvenirs and beach gear. Parking for the beach is available in a gated lot for a small fee. During the summer months, the parking lot is manned 24 hours a day.

Luquillo Beach has lifeguards on site and offers showers, restrooms, changing rooms, and lockers for visitors. The beach also has access for disabled people. A camping/picnic area is located on the walk from the parking lot to the beach. While a permit is needed for overnight camping, the fee is relatively inexpensive.

The beach is technically closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, along with major holidays, but that only applies to the facilities and the parking lot. Visitors can still park near the kiosks and walk in to the beach across the sand. It is important to pay attention to the flags that indicate the condition of the water on the day of your visit. Red and yellow flags indicate that the water is not safe for swimming at that time.

The 28,000-acre El Yunque National Forest, formerly the Caribbean National Forest, serves as the backdrop for the beach. This stunning rain forest is currently the only tropical forest in the United States National Forest System. Touring companies in the area offer walking and horseback tours, while those interested in making their own adventure can explore the numerous hiking trails on their own.

With so many things to do, it is no surprise that Luquillo Beach is one of the most well-liked beaches in Puerto Rico. Located about 33 miles from San Juan, it is great location for both day trips and longer Caribbean vacations. This website has more information about things to do this summer, even if it’s not in Puerto Rico. And if you are not interested in the Carribean and you prefer the colder weather, make sure you have your water lines protected with products from

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