Are you someone who has just purchased a yacht for the first time, and are unsure of what to do with it during the winter months? Maybe you only recently moved to an area that experiences harsh winters, so you are new to the whole winter storage thing? Whatever the case, there are many different practical ways to maintain your yacht during the winter if you have the proper knowledge. This article will seek to shed light on a few easy ways to store and maintain your yacht during the winter months. There is no need to pay lots of repair fees this spring because you neglected to store your boat properly. Take action today so you are prepared for the future! 

Dry docks

4 Ways To Maintain a Yacht During Winter

One thing that many yacht owners like to do with their boats during the winter months is to put them into a dry docks storage facility. This will allow your boat to get out of the water before it freezes, which can cause lots of damage to your boat’s hull and components. This option is generally one of the more affordable ones. 


Another excellent way to maintain your yacht during the winter months is to transport it somewhere else. This is an extremely practical solution, especially for those who like to travel during the winter months to warmer climates. What better way to spend your winter than on your own yacht in a warm place on the water? This is perfect for people who like to get in regular sailings in order to keep up their chops for competitions, or just love to sail! Explore some different options online, and see what you can come up with. There are many different ship shipping companies out there who would be happy to provide you with safe transport for your yacht. 


Similar to dry docks, putting your yacht into storage involves taking it out of the water, and putting it into an enclosed, and sometimes heated space for the winter. This is usually a little bit more expensive than dry dock options. You will also need to pay to have your boat transported to the storage facility unless the facility itself offers a free transfer service. 


The final and easiest way to prepare your yacht is to just winterize it. This usually involves storing the boat in your driveway or yard and using things like tarps and insulation in order to protect your boat from the snow and elements. This way is generally the least safe, but most affordable. 

Sea dock with boats waiting
Sea dock with boats waiting

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different ways that you can maintain your yacht during the winter months. It can be a tricky thing to figure out if you’re still a new boat owner, but there are lots of informed people on the subject, so you just need to ask and do some research! If you consult this article and use the aforementioned tips and tricks, then you should be in an informed place to start making decisions about how you want to maintain your yacht this winter.