5 Puerto Rican Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss on a Miami Food Tour

Travelling is probably one of the most pleasant activities. It takes us of the monotony, providing with the chance to try different things and meet people from different cultures. Furthermore, travel give us the opportunities to learn about other cultures and their way of living.

Aside from visiting a city’s main attractions and enjoying the nightlife, taking food tours is an excellent way of getting an insight into a place’s customs. According to the World Food Travel Association (WDTA), “food tourism is the act of travelling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place”.

Food tourism is a growing business globally, since many have discovered that it combines two pleasant activities, such as travelling and eating. Therefore, almost every touristic destinations in the world have a food-related activity for visitors to enjoy the local cuisine.

Miami is one of the most important touristic destinations from the United States and the world. Aside from the beaches and the sunlight, Miami is a multicultural community within which population from many different backgrounds.

Puerto Rican are a huge community, so you while visiting Florida, you can enjoy a Miami Food tour and enjoy the most delicious dishes right from the island of enchantments.

Tasting Puerto Rico while in Florida

Many Florida Food Tour is worse trying. In addition, within the capital city, there are also amazing Miami Food Tour through which you can enjoy traditional dishes from old Caribbean Heritage.

The large Puerto Rican community in the city provides a great opportunity to taste the food from the island without leaving the United States.

Most of Miami Food Tour offer a combination of visiting different shops where you can taste some of the most representative dishes of the local cuisine.

If you love Puerto Rican culture and would like to taste some of the most traditional dishes, read the list below to learn about which dishes you should not miss.

Puerto Rican dishes

Also known as, the island of enchantments, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean Island incorporated to the United States.  Its culinary traditions are mixed with Caribbean heritage. Plantains, pork, and sofrito are the main ingredients used, along with some exquisite combinations.

Below, there is a list of the five most traditional dishes that you should not miss.

1.     Empanadillas

Even though empanadillas clearly come from Spanish traditions, in Puerto Rico they were reinvented. Puerto Rican empanadillas are usually filled with ground beef and potatoes and can be fried or baked, depending on the chef preferences.

One of the most particular things about empanadillas is that they are seasoned with sofrito and achiote.

Sofrito is made of browned onions, pepper and garlic, while achiote is a sweet nutty spice, which provides a unique taste.

2.     Rellenos de papa

Appetizers are a hit in Puerto Rican Cuisine, and rellenos de papa is one of the best of then. It is a mashed potato croquette filled with pork and, in some cases, ground beef. Rellenos de papa are also seasoned with sofrito, to provide an excellent snack to start lunch or dinner.

3.     Tostones and Maduros

As we mentioned before, plantains is one of the most important ingredients in Puerto Rican cuisine. The tostones are crunchy snacks made of fried green plantains. They can be served with a sprinkle of salt and garlic sauce. While the maduros are the plantains ripe, which is fried to provide the perfect sweet counterpart of tostones.

4.     Pasteles

Another platain dish is Pastel. This dish is steamed in a banana leave, which provides a unique flavor to the vegetables and meat inside. Pasteles are usually seasoned with yuca and served with pumpkin or potatoes.

5.     Pernil

Finally yet importantly, Pernil is a classic roasted pork shoulder characterized for a slow roasting that provides a unique taste and texture to the meat. Pernil is usually seasoned with garlic, pepper, oregano, along with other spicy ingredients. One of the highlights of Pernil is that, thanks to its cooking process, the meat is so tender that it can be eaten with just a fork, which makes it the perfect choice for making sandwiches.

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