5 Things You Didn’t Know about Puerto Rico

An aerial view of the beach in Puerto Rico

When someone mentions Puerto Rico, two things come to mind – beautiful women and dreamy beaches. In fact, for most people, that is enough to want to go there immediately. Yes, it is true that the beaches of Puerto Rico are everybody’s vision of paradise and that this country has provided the winner of the Miss Universe pageant the miraculous five times. Nevertheless, some very interesting things you didn’t know about Puerto Rico will make you put it on your travel wish list. Here is our choice of five such things we find most interesting.

1.     Puerto Rico has uninhabited islands

Puerto Rico consists of many islands, of which only three are inhabited. The others that do not have any permanent residents offer so many opportunities to explore nature’s best-off works. Out of so many, each a story on its own, you should start with the following that is the most popular.

             Palomino Island

To start with the most relaxing and family-friendly one, Palomino Island is our first suggestion. To access it, you need to be a guest of the El Conquistador Resort. It offers the absolute perfection of a beach with calm, shallow water and soft, white sand. And if you were wondering whether this place would bore you, well, it won’t. There is a range of activities to do there, such as snorkeling, horseback riding, and every other sporty activity you can do in the water. Kids will have a blast there, and so will you.

            Monkey Island

This one is technically not uninhabited, as a colony of monkeys is living here. In the 1930s, monkeys were brought to this little island to be studied. Today their monkey community is strong, and it even managed to survive Hurricane Maria, which seriously damaged this primate’s home and nearly killed them all. But thanks to their cleverness and survival instinct, the monkeys made it, and people are now helping to rebuild their home island. Unfortunately, only scientists can step onto this unusual monkey land, but there are boat trips that allow tourists to observe it.

             Isla de Mona

A go-to place for all adventures, especially of a snorkeling and scuba diving type, Isla de Mona attracts many visitors each year. An interesting fact is that this island has a limit regarding the number of people that can be there at any given time – 100.

            Desecheo Island

They call it the diving paradise. And by “they,” we mean a huge number of people writing in superlatives about this island after visiting it. People are not allowed to step onto the island, but the diving locations near its coast are the utmost dream of diving and snorkeling professionals. The rave reviews this island is getting online make it well worth visiting.

A woman diving together with some other people
One of the things you didn’t know about Puerto Rico is that it includes many uninhabited islands, some of which are ideal for diving.

2.     Your passport can stay at home when you travel to Puerto Rico

US citizens do not need a passport to come to Puerto Rico, and the reason for that lies in the collective history of these two countries. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory, and all its citizens are US citizens following the same laws and regulations. There are a few differences between a Puerto Rico citizen and a mainland US citizen, such as voting rights. Leave your passport at home, good US people, and enjoy your stay in paradise.

Some enjoy it a bit too much, though, so much, so they decide to stay for good. If you are one of them and intend to relocate from the US to Puerto Rico, don’t worry about the logistics of it. All you need to do is hire the international mover that will get you here with ease and start your new life in this Caribbean paradise.

3.     One of the things you didn’t know about Puerto Rico is that it has its observatory

The last thing one expects to find in such a dreamy place is an astronomy facility. Yet, Puerto Rico is a proud home to one of the world’s largest observatories, the Arecibo Observatory. Unfortunately, in 2020 the largest single-dish telescope in the world in this observatory fell and suffered severe damage. This scientific facility continues with its work and with its constant efforts to inform and entertain its visitors.

4.     San Juan features some of the oldest churches in America

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and the city fully capable of stealing the hearts of everyone roaming its streets. No wonder most ex-pats choose this city to move to, citing they were enchanted with it, according to the experts in relocation from Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. But, apart from its apparent esthetic appeal, San Juan is rich in cultural terms, boasting some of the oldest churches in America. These churches tell a story about their builders, the times they come from, and the dominant architecture. They are another gem that adds to the sparkling beauty of the capital of Puerto Rico.

A cemetery with a castle in the background.
San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, has many extremely old churches in its area as well as other cultural monuments.

5.     Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world

Regardless of whether you a fan of alcohol or not, Puerto Rico has some very cool rum distilleries you must visit. The oldest rum distillery in the world is in Puerto Rico. It is called Casa Bacardi and takes its visitors on a rum-tasting tour. This tour tells a story about the history of rum and the family that founded this distillery. There are some inexpensive souvenirs you could buy here as well. There are a few more distilleries to see in Puerto Rico. They showcase a slightly different production philosophy for those who want to explore this subject in greater detail. These include Hacienda Santa Ana, PitoRico, Destilería Coquí Inc, and others that would make your day.

A selection of cocktails, many of which contain rum.
The oldest rum distillery in the world is located in Puerto Rico.


As you may already know, these 5 things you didn’t know about Puerto Rico are merely part of this county’s exotic charm. If you weren’t convinced before that this Caribbean island group is exactly what you need for this vacation, now you definitely are. And that is true for all types of people regardless of their interests because Puerto Rico has got something for everyone.

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