A Walking Holiday Where the Water Provides the Lighting

A Walking Holiday Where the Water Provides the Lighting

A walking holiday is an enjoyable way to combine sightseeing, adventure and the great outdoors. An excellent destination for a trip of this nature is to Bahia Mosquito. This is otherwise known as Phosphorescent Bay in Puerto Rico.

Guided to the light

Night Swimming in the bioluminescent bay
Night Swimming in the bioluminescent bay (Photo credit: serendipity81)

Taking part in a walking tour allows people to connect with the environment they are travelling through. Instead of seeing the countryside from the side of a bus window or the seat of a train, walkers are able to immerse themselves completely in their surroundings. Trips can also be tailored to best suit the individual. Tours can be with a guide or if people prefer to travel solo, comprehensive maps and route notes can be provided instead. Being on foot can allow entry to unspoilt parts of the world that would be inaccessible if using other forms of transportation. The main languages in the Phosphorescent Bay region are Spanish and English. The climate is tropical and does not vary much throughout the year. The months of May and September to November are the wettest. With untouched beaches and clear water for swimming in, this is a destination with much to offer people wanting a special holiday.

Magical moonlight

The trip to Phosphorescent Bay offers a ray of light for those on a walking holiday – literally! The shallow waters in this area are home to millions of phosphorescent dinoflagellates. Ripples in the water or movement along the surface cause them to light up. The organisms cast nearby objects with a green glow. Boats turn into wondrous bobbing lanterns and the overall effect is that the stars are swimming in the ocean rather than twinkling in the sky above. The fish darting by in the water are a natural light show. The microorganisms are completely safe and don’t cause any harm if they come into contact with humans. There are many boat tours as well as kayaking experiences for those who want to paddle their way through the shimmering water.

Bio of the Bay

The bay is listed as a national natural landmark. There are several contributing factors that have created the perfect conditions for this beautiful phenomenon. Mangrove trees surround the water and the organisms feed off the dead leaves. The water is deep and cool and there is also limited modern development around the water. When the Spanish first came to the region, they thought the glow was the work of the devil and cordoned off the channel by dropping heavy rocks around it. This provided a safe haven for phosphoresce, quite the reverse of what the Spanish meant to do.

A trip to Phosphorescent Bay is an unforgettable experience. A walking tour provides the opportunity to explore even more of the region. There are areas rich in native flora and fauna to discover. A sunset in Phosphorescent Bay followed by the spectacle of the water lighting up as if by a thousand torches is one that will make every footstep towards it worthwhile.


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