Budget Traveling in Puerto Rico

Traveling is a great way to see the world in person. When people travel, they have a chance to think about the world in new ways, meet people they’ve never before and take a break from their daily lives. One of the truly great things about travel is that you don’t need a lot of money to head out on the adventure you’ll never forget. It’s easier than ever before to travel the globe even if you don’t have a lot of money. This article will give you great tips on how to travel Puerto Rico on any budget!

Go Off Peak

Many parts of the world have two separate seasons. There’s the march from spring to winter and back again. Then there’s another season. That’s the season when the visitors arrive. Visitors typically stick to a certain times of the year. If you’re planning a trip, you can often save a lot of money by choosing a trip during the off season. This when prices tend to drop. It’s also when you’ll find fewer people and avoid large crowds. If you really want to get to know the locals, this is the ideal time to travel. Many of us have had the luxury to travel to Puerto Rico and meet family and friends, and often times going during various times during the year is quite expensive. However, May and August, post the tourist months, tend to be quite cheap. Finding cheap flights to PR is crucial for traveling on a small budget. Consider joining flight email lists or travel clubs to make sure you never miss a deal.

Many travelers on a budget know that if they are very flexible with their travel dates, they can often score a real deal. The trick is to decide when you want to leave in a certain period of time. Then, you can often head out the airport and catch a last minute flight. Airlines will let you grab a seat at a lowered price if someone cancels at the last minute. The same is true of many hotels. You can often fill up a room and find a vacancy if there’s been a last minute cancellation. If this a strategy that you’re going to use, you’ll want to make sure you have backup plans. You don’t want to be left somewhere without a place to sleep. Keep your cell phone close and keep some extra money on hand just in case.

Choose Less Traveled Destinations

For the thrifty traveler, a less traveled destination is a perfect choice. Less traveled places are places that might have far fewer visitors yet still be equally delightful. Look for places that might be a little off the beaten path. An out of the way destination can take many forms. You might head to a well-traveled destination in Puerto Rico like San Juan but opt to see places that get far fewer visitors. There are various beautiful little towns on this glorious island where you can really get a bang for your buck as well as a beautiful experience. Mountain towns like San Sebastian are far enough away that you feel lost in the beauty of the island, but close enough that you can still have great experiences at places like Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla or Gozolandia Waterfalls, all within a half an hour drive of San Sebastian.

Treat Yourself a Little

If you’re traveling for any length of time, you’ll want to think about setting aside a special treat. For example, if you are touring the islands of the Caribbean, you might want to make some time for a luxury eastern Caribbean cruise. This will give you ample opportunity to rest and relax in an enjoyable setting where you be treated to fine service. Cruises into San Juan often go on sale, and are quite affordable for any budget. The key is not to spend too much money in the port, where prices are raised for tourists. Consider taking a day trip to Vieques, a beautiful island off the cost of Puerto Rico, with beaches that are absolutely to die for. There are other treats that can make your day. Look for a local restaurant with a Michelin star or two. This is an indication that the restaurant not only meets local standards. It’s also an indication that the restaurant is likely to offer a very special meal. A gourmet meal makes the perfect end to a wonderful day of travel.

Hit the Local Grocery Store

Eating in Puerto Rico can often be expensive, but eating when you’re traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Just like everywhere else, you’ll find plenty of options for meals when you’re on your way anywhere else. Many modern grocery stores have all sorts of eating options. If you have cooking facilities in your hotel room, now is the time to use them and bring food home to make cheaper meals. If you don’t, many stores have all sorts of prepared meals on hand. There are Econos all over the island that will allow you to buy prepared food as well as ingredients, to help you have an authentic and cheap trip to the Isla Del Encanto. They’re often much cheaper than the items you’ll find in the better traveled area and just as tasty. You’ll also find more selections such as sandwiches and soups. This is also a great way to sample authentic local dishes.

Use Public Transit

Renting a car when traveling may be freeing, but it can also be very expensive. If you’re heading to San Juan, don’t be afraid to take advantage of regional transportation options. They’re also a great way to see the locale for a small fee. Get on a bus and watch the streets of San Juan unfold right in front of you. Keep the car for areas that are more out of the way. You’ll save money getting around and get to know the locals even better.

Hit the road today and bring your dreams of being part of a global community to full fruition.

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