Diaz Reus International Law Firm & Alliance Earns First Place In Diversity For Second Consecutive Year

Diaz Reus International Law Firm & Alliance

Diaz Reus International Law Firm & Alliance (DRT) has been ranked No.1 in last years ‘2020 Diversity Snapshot’ organized by Law 360. For the second consecutive year, the company was rated as the best in the category of law firms that have 100 or fewer attorneys and looks to win even more nominations and awards in 2021.

The annual survey shows that the legal industry in the US, when considered as a whole, continues to have issues with diversity, especially in leadership and executive positions. Overall, across the law firms surveyed, less than ten percent of equity partners identify as racial or ethnic minorities. In the case of DRT, however, nearly fifty-five percent of the firm’s attorneys and half of its equity partners are members of racial or ethnic minorities.

Attorney Michael Diaz Jr of Miami, is the founder and managing partner of the firm has emphasized that the importance of diversity has always been a major concern at his company and believes that by bringing a diverse group of lawyers together the firm can reflect many different perspectives. This, he went on to say, improves both the firm’s culture and enables the unique representation they offer to the diverse clientele both in Miami and on the international stage.

The diversity award from Law360 follows on from the recognition given to the firm’s administrative managing partner, Marta Colomar-Garcia, one of Florida’s most recognized lawyers. She was presented with the Prestigious Women Awards by the South Florida Business and Wealth (SFBW) organization which recognizes the best leaders in the Florida county area. The award is given to people that have created successful businesses and encouraged leadership positions for women in the broader community. The awards are based on SFBW research and nominations received from the general public.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, DRT has a global network of law offices and operates across five continents. This enables it to provide clients with seamless access to legal advice and services throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The company has twenty-seven offices located throughout the world staffed by multicultural lawyers that can provide clients with boots-on-the-ground, global legal counsel no matter where they are based.

DRT’s global legal practice centers on national and transnational legal proceedings in matters including trade, commerce, finance, fraud, civil litigation and arbitration, white collar crime, regulatory investigations, bribery and anti-money laundering, among many other areas. The company serves a wide range of clients including international corporations, manufacturers, technology companies, heads of states, government entities, political parties, public officials, entrepreneurs, family offices, high net worth individuals among others.

The firm is an entrepreneurial law firm that works in emerging-markets and offers traditional legal services while also focusing on new business opportunities for its clients. It is dedicated to growing its clients’ businesses and securing their long-term viability through sound legal advice.

The firm’s aim is to help companies, individuals and government entities to conduct business effectively and be an advocate in dispute resolution both in the US and internationally. The firm’s attorneys, solicitors and other legal consultants speak a wide range of languages (including Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Czech, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, French, Portuguese and German among others. Working with their counterparts seamlessly from in other offices they have won a number of notable and high profile cases in both domestic and international tribunals, legal venues and arbitration bodies around the world.

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