Puerto Rico Real Estate – An Investment With a Future

Puerto Rico Real Estate

Few locations in the Caribbean rival Puerto Rico for beauty and fewer still rival it for investment potential. As a territory of the United States, it has almost been recognized as one of those states several times in the last couple of decades. Political optimists predict that, in our lifetimes, the US will add Puerto Rico as its fifty-first state. With statehood, real estate values in this small island country will skyrocket. Wise investors are busily scanning Puerto Rico real estate listings today with an eye for what tomorrow might bring.

Of course, there are lots more reasons to buy land, a home or a hotel in this tropical paradise. Rich with history, natural beauty and a vibrant if colorful lifestyle, it is a natural draw for tourists, retirees and those who can afford the luxury of spending weeks or months in one of the many this rentals that range from small apartments to beachfront mansions. Many who visit, however, do not bother to leave. With prices for homes and property still in the “reasonable” range by investment standards, there are plenty of people and companies eager to seal the deal on some investment-quality Puerto Rico.

Unlike some of the smaller island countries of the Caribbean, It can offer you a city or country view. It has great beaches, towering cliffs and waterfalls and a thriving tourist-driven economy. Of course, tourism is not the only draw for persons interested in investing in it offerings.

Industry is also thriving here, where shipping lanes to the US, South and Central America all intersect. This makes this one place where investors interested in industrial, business and residential properties can stand to make a financial killing. The Puerto Rico real estate market is a draw for almost every sort of real estate investor, and perhaps for a few of us who are simply charmed by the beauty of the place and the warm, tropical winds.

Whatever your reason, I’d suggest you spend a couple of weeks in Puerto Rico and familiarize yourself with the different regions. There are plenty of realtors that offer international rentals and you can use the time for sightseeing and as well as view targeted areas for potential investment purposes.

With its tropical overtones and subtle Americanized social infrastructure, this country is possibly the most underrated investment opportunity in this region of the world. That does not mean, however, that real estate in Puerto Rico is not selling or that it has bottomed out on pricing. While there are good deals to be had, there is no glut of properties desperate to be mopped up by investors. Even with the current US housing crisis, the Puerto Rican market is holding its own and resell of properties here usually nets the investor a tidy return on his initial investment.

So for warm winds, a range of geographic beauty and a variety of properties with varied potentials, think it and consider it an investment with a bright future.

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