Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Puerto Rico

As people approach retirement age, many consider different options for where they want to live. In some cases, a move to a different part of the world may be a great option. One option that many are considering is a move to Puerto Rico. Here are the top five reasons to retire in Puerto Rico. But where ever you decide to retire make sure you have looked into assisted living communities. Here you can start designing healthy communities for senior citizens and find the right place for you.

The Weather

Puerto Rico

Weather is one of the components that makes Puerto Rico such an attractive destination for vacationers, and new retirees will enjoy the shift to warmer temperatures. After years of dealing with cooler weather, some people simply want to be able to dress how they would like in the morning without having to worry about needing additional layers during the day. Further, injuries are more common in cold locations, and many retirees will find that they simply do not want to risk a fall resulting from snowy weather.

Part of the United States

Although it seems like a foreign country in many ways, Puerto Rico is still part of the United States. Despite not being a state, the territory provides the same advantages of the United States. Visiting friends and relatives is easy, and dealing with taxes and payments from the government is straightforward. The legal protections one gains from living in the United States are still present, and retirees will be able to find others from the United States regardless of where they move on the island.

The Cost

As a territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is somewhat isolated from the rest of the nation. Because of this, its cost of living has not yet matched that of the rest of the United States. As all retirees know, stretching money as far as possible is crucial to enjoying the best retirement possible; by moving the Puerto Rico, new retirees can instantly be able to afford far more than they would elsewhere in the United States.

The Culture

Photo of a —garita in el Morro Castle in San J...
Photo of a —garita in el Morro Castle in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the best ways to combat the mental effects of aging is to challenge the brain. By moving to Puerto Rico, retirees will find an entirely new culture to learn about. Further, many who retire in Puerto Rico will want to spend some time learning Spanish. This provides a great way to challenge one’s brain and fend of the effects of aging while enjoying a fun, dynamic culture. It is possible to stay in Puerto Rico while retaining one’s standard activities, but most who make the move end up becoming enthralled with wanting to learn as much about the island’s history and people as possible.

Choice of Lifestyles

Retirees have vastly different images of what they want their day-to-day lives to be like. Puerto Rico offers options to satisfy nearly all retirees. With nearly 2.5 million people in its metropolitan area, San Juan offers the big city experience that many retirees enjoy. Puerto Rico also offers isolated locations in small towns where retirees can enjoy the rural lifestyle that many long for. Those who prefer something in between these extremes will find plenty of options on the island.

Retirement should be the best time of one’s life. By making wise decisions, retirees can ensure that their retirement matches want they have been looking forward to for years. For many, moving to Puerto Rico is the best way to enjoy retirement as much as possible.