Want to Get Into Fishing? Here’s How to Start

Fishing is a really great way to get some fresh air, enjoy the great outdoors, and maybe even catch yourself a free meal. Fishing is super easy, and with the right equipment and a little bit of know-how, people of all ages can enjoy fishing. Getting started requires surprisingly little gear, and once you have a few basic pieces of equipment, you will have everything you need to start catching fish.

To help you with the essentials, here’s what you need to do if you want to get into fishing.

1. Check if You Need a Fishing License

The first thing you need to do when you start out is to check if there are any regulations where you are intending to fish. There are normally no restrictions when it comes to surf fishing except for bans on busy beaches, but some lakes and stretches of the river may require a license to fish there. This can be for any number of reasons but is usually to keep populations at a healthy level so that the ecosystem remains balanced. Overfishing can really decimate habitats so it is important that you abide by the rules.

2. Buy a Suitable Fishing Rod

The most important piece of equipment which every new angler needs is, of course, a fishing rod, and there are many options to choose from. You will need to consider the length, material, and performance of each rod, and all of these factors will affect the price. The outdoor lovers at nativecompass.com explain that as a beginner, you will want a decent balance between the performance of the road and the price. A good beginner’s rod is usually around seven or eight feet in length. As you get more experienced and start catching bigger fish, you can start looking at longer rods to add to your rod bag.

3. Choose the Right Tackle

Fishing tackle includes the various gear and equipment you need in order to set up your fishing rod. This includes hooks, weights, and fishing lines, as well as flies if you intend to go fly fishing. Instead of buying all the tackle separately, there are many all-inclusive tackle kits that are perfect for beginners because they will provide you with everything you need. You can then build on this kit by adding extra pieces which can help to raise your game.

4. Buy a Tackle Box Which Doubles Up as a Seat

To hold and carry all of your tackle, you will need a quality tackle box. Choose one with many different compartments which are water-resistant, durable, and have a strong, comfortable handle. One great idea is to buy a tackle box with a padded lid so that you can use it as a seat while you fish. This will mean you won’t have to purchase an extra seat and will have less to carry.

5. Dress for the Conditions

Weather can have a huge impact on your fishing trip both in your comfort and in the activity of the fish. All experienced anglers know that no matter what the weather forecast says, you always need to bring waterproof clothing. Waterproof jackets are essential items as are specialist waterproof waders if you plan to stand out in the river catching fish.

6. Use the Right Bait

The best way to get to know which baits work is to experiment. There are different baits that usually prove more successful with different kinds of fish so take a variety of baits along with you on your fishing trip to give yourself the best chance of some decent catches. If you are giving surf fishing a go, most fish respond well to shrimp so this is a good bait to start out with. If you are fishing for a specific species, make sure you look into which bait that species enjoys most.

7. Learn to Cast

One technique that all beginners need to get used to is casting. This is when you sling your hook out into the water. The important thing is to cast to the right distance and to take the wind into account. Try throwing some grass or dust into the air to see which way the wind is blowing so that you can adjust for the wind speed and direction when you are casting.

Fishing is great fun and it’s the ideal way to spend the day out in nature. Whether you are hoping to hook yourself some breakfast, or you just want to enjoy a lazy day by the river, fishing is the perfect hobby for everyone. Follow these seven tips and you will be an expert angler in no time.

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