What You Need for an Outdoor Adventure in Puerto Rico

What You Need for an Outdoor Adventure in Puerto Rico

One of the most exciting and local destinations for citizens of mainland USA, Puerto Rico is regarded as the perfect destination for adventurous singles, couples with a lust for the outdoors, and those looking for something a little off the beaten track for their next vacation. You might see only sandy beaches and crumbling colonial forts in the tourist information brochures for the island, but there’s actually so much more to it than those tourist hotspots.

With jungles, rivers, lagoons, and waterfalls to explore, here’s what you need to pack for your Puerto Rican adventure.

All-Weather Clothing

First up, you’ll need to buy up some all-weather clothing in anticipation of different kinds of conditions that you might experience in Puerto Rico. That’s not to say that this is an island prone to rain and other unpleasant weather conditions, but like the rest of the island chain to which it belongs, cyclones and tropical storms are not uncommon on the island.

Even if you’re gifted with good weather throughout your stay in Puerto Rico, though, you’re going to be heading into the jungle which is a different beast to the cities and the beaches. Here, humidity is high, and leaves drip into streams and rivers. You’ll want the very best outdoor clothing for these adventures, and by using the Cashlady finance tool, you can find the right clothes for your trip.

Adventure Gear

Other than your high-quality outdoor clothing, you’ll also want to pack the kind of gear that will help you make the most of the jungles, the caves, and the other exciting features of this small tropical island. For many, this means the kind of gear that will allow you to climb up waterfalls and traverse down into sinkholes and caves.

That said, you may prefer to rent some of the heavy-duty equipment you need on the island, as paying for it to be flown in can be expensive. It’s more important that you pack those things that you love to have with you on an adventure and which will fit easily into your bag or backpack. Think your Garmin watch, or your compass and orienteering equipment. And, of course, a detailed map.

Off-Time Essentials

Outdoor adventures don’t last for the duration of your stay in Puerto Rico. Most people who come to the island with the jungles in mind will still spend a day on the beach and will still want to explore the cities a little, perhaps heading out for a nice dinner overlooking the promenade for sunset. For these travelers, a couple of outfits for the city are essential.

Another essential item is a complete wash kit which will help you scrub up after your days in the jungle. Think about how you can return your aesthetic into an urban sophistication on your emergence from the jungle undergrowth, and pack accordingly. Puerto Ricans are stylish people, after all.

There you have it: the absolute packing essentials that you’re going to need for your wonderful trip to the jungles of Puerto Rico.

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