Puerto Rico
Nickname: “El Nuevo Jardín del Atlántico”, “La Villa del Ojo de Agua”, “El Pueblo de los Tiburones”
Gentilic: “Aguadillanos”


Aguadilla (ah-gwah-DEE-yah), founded in 1775 by Luis de Córdova, is a city located in the northwestern tip of Puerto Rico bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, north of Aguada, and Moca and west of Isabela. Aguadilla is spread over 15 wards and Aguadilla Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city).


The flag is horizontally light blue over yellow with the Coat of Arms with laurels in the center.
The flag was designed on 1972 following the recommendations of the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture for the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the city foundation. It consists of two horizontal bands of equal size, blue the upper one and gold (yellow) the lower one, the predominant colors of the Coat of Arms, being this placed at the center of the flag.
Coat of Arms
The shield’s arms refer to the history of Aguadilla. The first quarter presents the famous “Ojo de Agua” (Spring of Water) and behind the Jaicoa Mountains. The second quarter shows the image of a “nao” or vessel that stands for the many ships that made seaport in past centuries and with reference to the discovery of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus. (Another contested site of landing). The third quarter illustrates a tower raised from the waters due to the battles at Fuerte de la Concepción (Fort of the Conception), where English and Colombian pirate’s attacks were repelled in the XVII and XIX Centuries. The fourth quarter has a five-point star in reference to the many Aguadillan intellectuals that has given prestige to the arts, sciences, writings, military, and legislation; is an expression of light and clarity.
Festivals and events
Velorio de Reyes (Three Kings Watch)- January
Festival de la Chiringa (Kite Festival) – April
Fiestas San Antonio – April
Verbena de Corrales – May
Festival Playero (Beach Festival) – June
Festival del Atún (Tuna Festival) – July
Festival de la Música (Music Festival) – July
Fiestas Patronales de San Carlos Borremeo – October
Carlos Méndez Martínez
Town Colors: Yellow and BluePatron Saint: San Carlos Borremeo
Aguadilla is part of “Porta del Sol”, as the west coast is now publicize by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Local tourism has been boosted by the creation of the water park “Las Cascadas” (the waterfalls), and the Caribbean’s only ice skating complex the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena.Aguadilla is most famous for its world class surfing beaches. Aguadilla’s beaches host a variety of amateur and professional surfing events every year. They have also hosted a variety of championships, including the ISA world championships in 1968 and 1988. Famous surfing spots in Aguadilla include “Surfer’s Beach”, “Table Tops”, “Gas Chamber”, “Las Ruinas”, and “Survivor”.


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