What To Pack for Puerto Rico: Tips & Packing Lists

Barbara Maier

Traveling to exotic locations can be a wonderful way to improve health, meet new people and gain valuable new experiences. When Puerto Rico is mentioned, many people envision beaches, sunshine and of course, reggaeton. When you combine all of these with a unique island atmosphere, you get a recipe for a perfect vacation. However, packing for this type of trip can be a bit tricky, so here’s a list of tips that will help you bring everything you need and enjoy Puerto Rico to the fullest.

1. Consider weather season before you book your flight

Puerto Rico has warm weather, but the period between mid-July to the end of November is known for hurricanes, so in order to avoid that, it’s better to go during the peak season which is from December till April. Another great period for visiting Puerto Rico is from March till early July, but be sure to bring traveling insurance, so you could be sure you’re safe in case anything happens. If you’re traveling during the mild weather season, feel free to bring a few different types of clothing, so you will be able to have fun without feeling limited in any way.

2. Pack batteries in case of a power outage

Power outages used to be quite common in Puerto Rico, but nowadays they’re less rare, especially in San Juan and Rincón. Still, in order to be safe, it’s advisable to bring external battery packs, because being unable to charge your phone or use your laptop is the last thing you need while being away from home. So, even though power outages aren’t that frequent anymore, they can still happen out of blue, so being prepared in advance can save you a lot of trouble in case of a sudden power cut.

3. Your comfort is the most important

Traveling often means having fun and trying different outfits on multiple occasions. However, there’s one important thing to remember: personal comfort. So, if you’re going to a place with a hot climate, you should remember to put your own comfort first, mainly if you plan to go sightseeing on foot. Therefore, it’s essential to opt for footwear that is comfortable, durable but also stylish and strappy Skechers sandals are a great choice as you’ll be able to walk and spend time on foot for many hours. Additionally, in order to prevent excessive sweating, it’s essential to pick clothes made from breathable fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, and moisture-detracting synthetic fabrics if you plan on being physically active.

4. Be sure to stay safe

As we mentioned previously, traveling insurance and other important documents should surely be on your packing list together with external batteries in case of power cuts. Still, since power cuts disrupt ATMs and credit card machines, it’s essential to bring some cash as well, so you’ll be able to eat out or buy some souvenirs. Also, since it’s going to be very sunny, you should make sure to pack a pair of quality sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. Wearing a sunscreen is a must, especially if you’re fair-skinned.


Puerto Rico is an amazing place that is definitely worth visiting, still, due to very hot weather, mixed with hurricane season, it’s absolutely important to go there during the right time, and bring all the essentials, such as batteries, cash, documents, and day cream with high SPF. Also, don’t forget to pack the right close and put your own comfort first, as that’s the only way to have a great time while visiting this unique and beautiful country. 

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