Why a boat rental in Miami is the best way to have fun in Florida

florida boat rental

There are many reasons to visit Miami: sunshine all year round; sandy beaches and great beach bars; and of course the locals who know how to put together a great party and enjoy life to the fullest. But “The Magic City”, as this Floridian metropolis is known, also lends itself to an unforgettable boat ride that can take you to some of the state’s most beautiful spots.

Here is a short list of great experiences that a boat rental in Miami can offer you.

  1. Enjoy the view of Miami’s skyline from the water 

There is no doubt that Miami’s skyline is one of the most impressive in the world. One Thousand Museum Miami, Panorama Tower, and of course the famous Miami Tower, to name just some of the most city’s most iconic skyscrapers, make a majestic sight that you may never forget, especially if you are lucky enough to watch it from the deck of a luxurious boat. The best spot to feast your eyes on this unique sight, particularly at night, is the city’s port. Another option is Watson Island in Biscayne Bay.

  1. No party is like a boat party in Miami

You probably know already that Miami is the place to be if you are looking for a great party. The Magic City’s vibrant nightlife is famous for a reason, but it’s not just clubbing that you may enjoy here. Many restaurants are accessible by boat, including Monty’s Sunset (South Beach) and Shucker’s Bar and Grill (North Bay Village). The locals love boat parties too, so with a boat rental in Miami you may the time of your life. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a cocktail at one of the best sandbars in the area, including Haulover Sandbar (North Miami), Whale Harbor Sandbar, and Nixon Beach Sandbar in Key Biscayne.

  1. With a boat rental in Miami you can visit some of Florida’s hidden gems

Some of Florida’s most interesting places are mainly accessible by boat. For example, with a boat rental in Miami you can admire from the water “The Christ of the Abyss” statue in Key Largo, the picturesque Fowey Rocks Lighthouse on Key Biscane, and, last but not least, Boca Chita Island, home to a historic lighthouse.

  1. The Everglades National Park is waiting for you

With a boat rental you can explore the famous Everglades, America’s largest national park. The best way to immerse in its natural beauty and mystical allure is from the water, so a kayak tour the mangrove tunnels is a must – just watch out for hungry alligators! Fishing lovers may also enjoy an airboat ride in the Everglades, with osprey, purslane, tarpon, bass, kingfisher, trout and snook being some of the types of fish you may catch here. Your kids will love Flamingo Visitor Center, a perfect spot for birdwatching.

  1. Explore Florida Keys on a boat

Another good thing about Miami is that it’s not far from Florida Keys, a beautiful coral cay archipelago. There are many tropical islands that you can explore on a boat, such as Key West, Dry Tortugas and Sunset Key. If you opt to visit Biscayne National Park, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the famous Florida Reef, one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The best way to end your journey on a high note? A trip to Cape Florida Lighthouse, an iconic Floridian landmark.

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