Rincon Puerto Rico

Jobos Beach RIncon Puerto RicoThere is a surfer’s paradise on the northwest corner of Puerto Rico where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean collide. There lies the city of Rincon, famous for its stunning beaches, surfable waves, and laid-back ambiance. While the area is a great spot to live and a popular vacation destination throughout the year, the city really comes to life during the November – April surfing season when surfers from all over the world converge on its beaches.

Rincon Puerto Rico, named after 16th century landowner Don Gonzalo Rincon, gained global attention in 1968 when the World Surfing Championship was held there for the first time. Since then, the city been a part of the international surfing scene and has grown its surfing industry to include surf camps and surf lessons for all skill levels. Visitors to the city will quickly find themselves immersed in the unique culture of surfing Puerto Rico.

From the downtown waterfront, Rincon’s beaches stretch north along eight miles of the beautiful Caribbean coastline. The best beaches for surfing are located along the North Coast, where the deep offshore trenches and strong trade winds create swells that can be as high as six feet tall. The most challenging conditions are at Tres Palmas, which is recommended for experienced surfers. Domes Beach is known for smooth rides and consistent waves, while Maria’s Beach has gentle waves perfect for beginners.

Beginners to the sport have plenty of options for surf lessons in Rincon. There are companies that provide group lessons and solo private lessons, while some resorts in the city offer lessons as part of their all-inclusive packages. There are also many places that rent surfing equipment to tourists and their employees will help you pick the right equipment for your needs.

Surfing is not the only thing Rincon Puerto Rico is known for. The area is also one of the best spots in the world for whale-watching. From December to mid-April, humpback whales migrate to the Caribbean’s warm waters through the Mona Passage, located just off the coast of Rincon. The Punta Higuero Light House, set above Domes Beach, offers a spectacular view of the coast to watch for these majestic animals. The best time to see the whales is around dawn and dusk.

For those interested in swimming and sun-bathing, the South Coast of Rincon offers pristine beaches with calm, clear waters. Rincon is also a great place for year-round sport fishing, with fishing charter companies offering deep-sea, bottom, live bait, trolling, and kite fishing options. Scuba diving enthusiasts can find one of the region’s best dive sites 12 miles off the coast of Rincon at the uninhabited Desecheo Island.

Rincon Downtown Plaza Central is the place for most activities in the town. Here you will find unique bars, restaurants, and museums showcasing the local culture. The Galeria del Surfing, a museum dedicated to surfing, can be found nearby, featuring vintage surfboards and other surfing paraphernalia. Accommodation options in the city include resorts, hotels, villa-style apartments, guest houses, and vacation rentals.

Is Rincon Puerto Rico A Great Place To Live In?

Rincon is a great spot to live in Puerto Rico, offering a charming and exciting laid-back island lifestyle. You’ll enjoy the sunsets and surfing adventures in this place, especially if living near the coast has been your long-time dream. Do the favorite things you love, such as swimming, surfing, and being close to nature. Rincon is one of the three best towns you can choose from to live in the country, with a similar laid-back lifestyle and amenities on the West Coast.  

The Rincon Locals

Technically speaking, locals in Rincon Puerto Rico are Americans. But they prefer calling themselves “Puertorriqueños” or “Puerto Ricans.” The natives of Rincon respect American culture and traditions and are proud of their local heritage. 

Both locals and tourists love Rincon Puerto Rico because of its magnificent beauty and excellent water and coastal adventures. The place offers perfect beaches, small and big waves, and delicious organic food. 

Rincon also has tight-knit families and community, and locals live their lives to the fullest as they know how to have fun. 


Indeed, Rincon Puerto Rico is a fun and beautiful tourist destination that offers great places for adventure seekers. If you’re planning to stay for good in Rincon, you’ll never regret it because the town is also a perfect spot to live a laid-back life.

Rincon Current Weather
11:22 pm, July 20, 2024
temperature icon 81°F
overcast clouds
Humidity 86 %
Pressure 1018 mb
Wind 4 mph
Wind Gust: 8 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 6:02 am
Sunset: 7:07 pm

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