Exploring Quebradillas Puerto Rico

Nestled along the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico lies the captivating town of Quebradillas. Founded on April 12, 1823, this quaint coastal community has a rich history, diverse culture, and natural beauty that beckons visitors to explore its hidden treasures. From its early beginnings to its modern-day allure, Quebradillas offers a unique blend of history, tradition, and adventure waiting to be discovered. Early History and Founder Quebradillas traces its roots back to the early 19th century when it was established as a municipality on April 12, 1823. The town’s name,…

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Isabela Puerto Rico

jobos beach isabela puerto rico

The beach town of Isabela Puerto Rico has become a premiere tourist destination on the island for the wide variety of attractions available for many different types of travelers. The area encompasses a wide variety of terrains, including coastal flats, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, cliffs, and caves, making it an ideal place for any type of adventure. Also known as the “Garden of the Northwest” for the kaleidoscope of wild tropical flowers that grow in the region, the area is considered one of the most beautiful places on the island.…

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Aguada Puerto Rico

The western coastal valley region of Puerto Rico is home to the charming seaside city of Aguada. Officially founded in 1526, it has great historical significance as port for ships traveling from South America to Spain. Many rivers, including the Río Cañas, Río Culebra, Río Culebrinas, Río Grande, Río Guayabo, and Río Ingenio flow through its territory into the Mona Passage to the Atlantic Ocean. The city has seen nearly continuous population increases since its founding. Some of this has been attributed to the desertions of crew members and soldiers…

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Hatillo Puerto Rico

Festivals of the Masks

Located on the northern coastal plains of Puerto Rico, the seaside town of Hatillo is a tranquil community of undulating hills and rambling ranches. The village was founded in 1823 by Canarian immigrant Agustín Ruiz Miranda with the stipulation that part of the land be used for public buildings and wide streets with the rest sold or used for homes. These conditions were met and the resulting town is unlike any other in the world. Today, the town is a hub of Puerto Rico’s dairy industry, making the region the…

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Utuado Puerto Rico

Utuado Puerto Rico Nickname: Otoao, Ciudad del Viví”, “Los Montañeses” Gentilic: “Utuadeños” Utuado is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the central/western mountainous region of the island known as La Cordillera Central. It is located north of Adjuntas and Ponce; south of Hatillo and Arecibo; east of Lares; and west of Ciales and Jayuya. In land area it is the third largest municipality in Puerto Rico (after Arecibo and Ponce). According to the 2000 US Census the city has a population of 35,336 spread over 24 wards and Utuado…

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Arecibo Puerto Rico

Casa Alcaldia

One of the most visited destinations in Puerto Rico is the city of Arecibo on the northern part of the island. The city is the largest by size on the island and is one of the oldest municipalities in the commonwealth. The area was originally settled in 1556 and the town was officially founded in 1616, with Captain Felipe de Beaumont y Navarra chosen to govern the land. There are many interesting things to do here. The area encompasses a wide variety of environments, from sand-swept beaches to wooded hills…

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Fajardo Puerto Rico

Believed to be founded between 1760 and the mid-1770s, Fajardo, Puerto Rico has grown to become one of the most important cities in the Caribbean. The city, also known as “The City of the Rising Sun”, is on the easternmost tip of Puerto Rico where the sun first rises. It is home to the largest marina in the Caribbean, where visitors can experience sailing, parasailing, and catamaran chartering. Its position makes it a great jump-off point for excursions to nearby islands and the crystal-clear turquoise waters have made snorkeling very…

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Ponce – La Perla del Sur

La Guancha

The city of Ponce in Puerto Rico is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the Caribbean. Also known as “La Perla del Sur” or “The Pearl of the South”, the city is full of lovely neoclassical buildings, decorative colonial homes, and beautiful fountains. The city was founded in 1692 and was Spain’s southern region capital until 1898. As Puerto Rico’s second largest city, it has long been an important trading and distribution center for the Caribbean. Its port, one of the busiest in the Caribbean, has shipped agricultural products,…

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Mayaguez Puerto Rico

Plaza Colon Mayaguez Puerto Rico

The history and culture of Mayaguez Puerto Rico make the city a very interesting place to visit. As the third largest city on the island, behind San Juan and Ponce, this West Coast gem offers plenty of activities to enhance any vacation. Here you can find elegant tree-lined plazas, fascinating cultural events, excellent lodgings, and a wide variety of dining options. Founded September 18, 1760 by Juan de Silva, Juan de Aponte, and brothers Faustino and Lorenzo Martinez de Matos, the new town was named for the Yaguez River that…

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